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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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05/31/1999 00:00:00

Name: Harwick W. Kiser

I was in the 511th AC&W Group, Site 28 Japan from 1954-1956.

05/30/1999 00:00:00

Name: Pat Greenall
Email: patrick.d AT

Found your Web page by chance,but what a really interesting site with a wealth of information. Great stuff.

05/28/1999 00:00:00

Name: Matty Mathews
Email: wmathews AT

I was stationed at Lake City, Tenn from Mar 54 to Sept 60 with an interruption of one year (Jul 56 to Jul 57) in which I was at Pagwa River, Ont, Canada. In 1960 I was one of the initial cadre to set up BMEWS at Hq NORAD. Would love to hear from anyone I was associated with during this time frame.

05/28/1999 00:00:00

Name: James Brower
Email: JBr1896863 AT AOL.COM

Enjoyed both my tours at the 752nd ACW Empire Mich. Good Duty and beautiful country.

05/27/1999 00:00:00

Name: Loney Turpin
Email: loneyt AT

Keep up the good work!!! The site is getting better each day! Still think you need a special GATR link or heading!

05/26/1999 00:00:00



05/24/1999 00:00:00

Name: herk randall
Email: mrandal2 AT

was stationed at the following Caswell AFS, ME 1965-1968 Charleston AFS, ME 1970-1971 Roanoke Rapids AFS, NC 1971 Fortuna AFS, ND 1974-1976

05/23/1999 00:00:00

Name: Mike Aupperle
Email: lvaupperle AT

Thnx for all the time and effort you put into this it has brought back many memories

05/22/1999 00:00:00

Name: Mickey V. Hines
Email: mickgerr AT

Another old AC&W veteran checking in and finding something I am surprised and excited to find. Spent most of my time with the 4754th Radar Evaluation Squadron at Hill AFB, UT.

05/21/1999 00:00:00

Name: chuck merkel
Email: cbm95 AT

Pulled duty at Opheim, Fortuna and Antigo AFS, also in GEEIA.

05/20/1999 00:00:00

Name: Chip Taylor
Email: w1aim AT

Found your sire courtesy of Bob Varney. I have lived in Vermont since the 1960s save for my own stint in the AF (Minuteman missiles, not radar...) and only recently paid a visit to the abandonded radar station in East Haven VT (Lyndonville AFS). Quite impressive, and yes, its still for sale! Thanks for helping preserve this bit of Cold War history. Chip

05/18/1999 00:00:00

Name: Larry M. Pennypacker
Email: pennylmp AT

Requested the Cold War Recognition Certificate, which I would not have known about, except I stumbled on this web page. Thanks.

05/16/1999 00:00:00

Name: Brian A. Coy
Email: bcoytac AT

Hi guys, Just a reminder, after you leave a note in the Guest Book, sign in on the site rosters of the places where you were stationed. That is also the best place to look for old acquaintances.

05/16/1999 00:00:00

Name: Don Bidwell
Email: dkbidwell AT

Gene, I really appreciate the work youve done for those of us who fought in WWC (cold)in Alaska. Its fun to read about all the other sites that heretofore were only names. Don

05/16/1999 00:00:00

Name: Charlie Kyger, SMSgt (Ret)
Email: kygerc AT

Love your site, youve done a great job with it. Retired in 1990 with over 26 years in USAF over 20 years in Radar Ops, mostly flying on EC-121s, E3s or EC-130s. Id would love to hear from anyone who might remember me. Keep up the good work.

05/15/1999 00:00:00

Name: Jim Watson
Email: jimwats AT

Cramer Bacque told me about this site. I was the Bendix Installation Manager for the FPS-30s at Greenlands four DYE sites and the installation at Eglin. Would be glad to add to the data base if anyone is interested.

05/14/1999 00:00:00

Name: Don Hallock, MSgt USAF Ret


05/14/1999 00:00:00

Name: Steve McGuire
Email: mcguires AT

Was stationed at Gettysburg, SD in the early 60s. Have enjoyed this site didnt think anything like it existed. Have added it to my favorites. After a 15 year bbreak in service I joined the ANG as a radar maint type on a TPS-43 and we were located at N. Bend (OR)AFS which had been the 761st radar sqd. We moved from ther to a nearby navy site and the State of Oregon turned that site into a minimum security prison with a military flavor for the inmates. Its still there. Hope to see some other folks from the 903rd find this site. Kepp

05/13/1999 00:00:00

Name: William H. Fitzgerald

Looking for anyone who served at 20th NORAD, Lt Lee, Virginia fro 1978 to 1982; e-mail me at Thanks, William Fitz Fitzgerald, SMSgt, FLANG

05/13/1999 00:00:00

Name: Woody Breedlove
Email: woodyb AT

I have a change in my email address. Love to hear from anyone stationed at726 TCS, Shaw AFB, 1956, 608th TCS in Pangyang Do, Korea,1957, Topsham AFS, Maine, 1958-1961 and 1965-1969. Also 961st AEW, Otis AFB, MA, 1961-1963, 717 AC&W, Tatalina, AK, 1963-1964 Det 2 623rd AC&W Kume Shima, Okinawa, 1969-1970.764th Radar Sq., St. Albans AFS, VT, 1970-1974. Charleston AFS, Maine 1974-1978. Retired Bangor, Maine

05/13/1999 00:00:00

Name: hafeez{raja}
Email: hafiz30 AT

looking for any one who wheare at al.kharj saudi miraj daning hall 1997

05/13/1999 00:00:00

Name: Kenneth L. Alden
Email: sbaajcss AT

I was stationed at the 705th Ac&w at Naknek, Al. in 1953 and at the 765th in Charleston, Me. in 1954. Any one else?

05/12/1999 00:00:00

Email: milltail AT


05/12/1999 00:00:00

Name: SMSgt Hector Mejia-Velazco
Email: h mejia AT

The 140th Air Defense Squadron located at Punta Salinas Radar Site, Toa Baja, Puerto Rico used to be an AC&W Sq. It should be included on your excellent Online Radar Museum. If you need more information let me know.

05/12/1999 00:00:00

Name: Bob Caggiano
Email: rcaggian AT

Has anyone applied for and received their Cold War Recognition certificate from Uncle Sam? I filed some time ago and have not had a response. Just wondering if anyone else has had better luck!

05/11/1999 00:00:00

Name: John W. Shaw
Email: ShawJoh AT

Served proudly at 24th NORAD Region, Grat Falls - 76 to 77, 26th NR - Sept 73 to Dec 74 Was remote at Indian Mountain - 75 and King Salmon July 80 to July 81

05/11/1999 00:00:00

Name: William Hanson
Email: whanson AT

I was with the 601st AC&W Squadron at Rothwesten, Germany from 53-57. We, at Gunpost, directed traffic via air corridors between West Germany and Berlin. Our reunion organizations web site:

05/10/1999 00:00:00

Name: John Wells
Email: john48 AT

I spent from 1949 to 1969 in the Air Defense Command. I for one really appriciate what you all have done with all the differentt web pages.Thanks again and keep up the good work. jw

05/10/1999 00:00:00

Name: Shaffran
Email: USNA54 AT

I served in 6th Shoran Beacon Sqdn,615 and 601 AC&W in Europe; 647th AC&W/SAGE (Manassas AFS,VA); & Texas Tower Two in years 55 to 62. (The next 22 years were spent in satellite C&C and NATO C & E). Thanks for your site.

05/09/1999 00:00:00

Name: Mike Cooper
Email: YoChief AT

I was stationed at Adair, Or. AFS (26th Air Divison, Portland ADS) 1965-67 and Poro Point AFS, RP (848th AC&W)67-68. I was in manual inputs in SAGE and a Weapons Tech at the manual site (AFSC-273X0). I have a ton of pics of the SAGE and manual ops but they are all on slides & I wouldnt know how to scan them. Did you know the Internet uses the old SAGE landlines. Great web page!

05/09/1999 00:00:00

Name: Doug Payne
Email: gdpayne AT

Was very happy to find this site. Sure brings back some memories. Did 4 years in Navy; 2-1/2 of which was flying the Pacific barrier in WV-2 (RC-121D). After I got out I worked at Sparrevohn White Alice site as a civilian technician in early 1962.

05/08/1999 00:00:00

Name: Henry P. Mullaney
Email: henryp AT

Served at the 780th AC&W site from Jan62 to Nov 64. Have lots of photos. Would like to go back this summer if it is still there.

05/08/1999 00:00:00

Name: Jim Trowbridge
Email: jtrow AT

My monthly check-in! At Gettysburg, SD in 58. At Saglek in 57. At Mt Tamalpais, CA in 56. Is there anybody out there who served with me? Regards, JIM

05/06/1999 00:00:00

Name: Loney Turpin
Email: turpinl AT

I was at the 823rd/25 ADS Det1/25ADS OLAJ (Mica Peak). I was a maintenance tech in the GATR portion. I will dig up pix and patches to forward on.

05/06/1999 00:00:00

Name: Bob Caggiano
Email: rcaggian AT

************* MEMORIES ************** When I arrived at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi in October 1962, after finishing basic training at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas, my first quarters on the “Triangle” was in a barracks with two other “roomies”. Those two guys were seasoned RCAF troops, on TDY (Temporary Duty) at Keesler from the Pinetree Line for additional training in radar maintenance. They were straight from a WWII movie to me! Here I was a young, naïve “one striper”, rooming with two “three striper” seasoned RCAF troops, who were several years older than me, and obviously a whole lot more knowledgeable about the ways of the world than I was. We got along real well, as they kinda thought of me as their young Yank kid brother. They had privileges not afforded to us young guys straight from basic training, such as access to real beer, not the 3.2 “near beer” we could get on base. They were generous lads, and shared their bounty with me and a few other guys. The main thing they had that we envied however was a car! They had a vintage VW beetle. It used to give the First Sergeant fits that when he oversaw room inspections, they could only inspect my bunk, and the immediate area around it, which I kept very GI (spit and polish stuff), while my roomies’ portion of the room looked like a college dorm room, i.e. unkempt, with beer cans all over the place, etc.. He had no jurisdiction over the RCAF guys, so all he could do was cuss and fume over the situation. The straw that broke the camels’ back for the First Kick however, was one day late in the afternoon when I had just returned from class that he was performing a surprise inspection of our barracks. My roomies had decided that their VW needed to be overhauled before returning to Canada. And just where were they going to do this engine overhaul? Well in our room of course, which ended up with greasy engine parts from one end of the room to the other, including my portion of the room! I never did hear what happened to those guys. I however, was immediately moved to a different barracks with American roommates. The First Kick took his frustration out on my new roommates and me by doing “white glove” inspections every day for two weeks. I can’t remember the names of my old RCAF buddies, but they sure did liven things up for me during my tech training days at Keesler!

05/05/1999 00:00:00

Name: Thomas J Cotter
Email: cotter45 AT

Was in Radar Maint AC&W from 1962 to 1969 was stationed at Othello AFS Wa and Elmendorf AFB Ak In the GEEIA Sqdn I worked on FPS 7C, FPS 26A FPS6B FPS 20 FPS 18 Gap Filler Was at all the Dew Line Sites in Ak AC&W Was Aircraft Control and Warning Not air control.I also helped to install a Radar Site in Korea for ROKAF while I was stationed in Ak.

05/05/1999 00:00:00

Name: Carl Wenberg
Email: cwenberg AT

Maybe not pollically correct in todays Air Force, but AC&W was also known as Alcholics, Cripples & Whores (sorry if offended anyone} 807th. Tac. Cont. SQ. 604thACW 661st 667th 902nd 671st and 964th AEW 50s and early60s

05/05/1999 00:00:00

Email: NIHEIP001 AT

Great job putting this site together. Stationed at 774th AC&WRon, Madera AFS, CA (6/57-12/58) and 719TH AC&WRon, Sparrevohn AFS (1/59-1/60) as 30352C. Wonder what happened to upper camp mascot dog named Miki? Paul

05/05/1999 00:00:00

Email: NIHEIP001 AT

Great job putting this site together. Stationed at 774th AC&WRon, Madera AFS, CA (6/57-12/58) and 719TH AC&WRon, Sparrevohn AFS (1/59-1/60) as 30352C. Wonder what happened to upper camp mascot dog named Miki? Paul

05/02/1999 00:00:00

Name: Kenneth L. Alden
Email: bsaajcss AT

I was stationed at Roslyn af station in 1951 and Naknek in Ak. in 1053

05/02/1999 00:00:00

Name: Walt Weinberg
Email: walt AT

Stationed at Point Arena AFS, CA, 1955-1957 in radar maint(FPS-3,FPS-5,FPS-4,FPS-6,FPS-8). Started school on MSQ-1(?)automatic tracker,but they did away with the course half way thourgh. Switched over to heavy grnd radar. Went back to Keesler twice for gapfiller school but it was never installed before I got out. Finished tour at Hamilton AFB, CA playing football until Oct 57 then got early out to attend college. Met a great bunch of guys. Really enjoyed my 3 years 10 months. Like to hear for any old Pt. Arena men.