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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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11/30/1999 00:00:00

Name: Rodney Solberg
Email: solberg AT

Last military member on 779 Opheim ARS, MT Still in AF Reserves 10 AF Ft.Worth TX

11/29/1999 00:00:00

Name: robert king
Email: oak> AT

i enjoyed your site. thanks. i was west-ern electric employee 1956-1961 on white alice and dew line projects. have port heiden and pathtest for tropo if

11/29/1999 00:00:00

Name: john rosso
Email: jjrosso12 AT

enjoyed the visit...I was at winslow az and west mesa nmex...also st albans,vt...also schenectacy ny (all back in the 50s.

11/29/1999 00:00:00

Name: jerry pierce
Email: jkpjwp AT

I was in Grand Rapids, Minn at the 707th Radar Sq. from 1960-1963. Anyone else out there? I was a scope dope.

11/29/1999 00:00:00

Name: Robert G. Taylor
Email: cassandbob AT

I was the first Radar Inputs and Countermeasures Officer (RICMO) at NYADS arriving there in March 1962. I received OJT from the NYADS Staff ECM Officer who had to teach himself about SAGE Radars as he was a former RB-66 EWO. Thereafter, I taught the RICMO’s that followed who by that time had all attended the 55 week ECCM school at Keesler. However, my primary extra duty was conducting SSTMs (SAGE System Training Missions). In this capacity I became the NYADS Eyes Only Officer and was involved in the conduct of 26th NORAD Region-wide and NORAD-wide Synthetic Missions. I was fortunate to have three outstanding senior NCO’s on my staff who had many years experience with AC&W and SAGE. We were all assigned to the 4637th Support Squadron at McGuire AFB, NJ. This was the home squadron for the operations personnel that worked on the fourth floor of the SAGE Building. I played on the NYADS and McGuire (base) Volley Ball and Softball Teams. I left active duty in February, 1965. In 1973, I joined the Air Force Reserve via an assignment at Rome Air Development Center, Griffiss AFB, in the Air Force Systems Command. In 1978, I transferred to Hq AFSC at Andrews AFB and served there until I retired in November, 1989. Robert G. Taylor, Lt. Col USAFR, Retired Vienna VA November 1999

11/26/1999 00:00:00

Email: hankypanky AT

SMSgt, Retired Was on Texas Tower 2 1957-58. 25AD 1958. WADF Inspector General 1958-60. 785 Radar Squadron, Finley AFS, ND 1969-72.

11/25/1999 00:00:00

Name: Jerry Zettler
Email: zettlerj AT

Just wanted to wish all the COLD WARRIORS out there a Happy Thanksgiving and to remind every one to support any way they can to make the WW II memorial a reality P.S. Clark got your phone call but did not get your phone number Jerry Zettler Caswell and Charleston 1965-1967

11/25/1999 00:00:00

Name: zhaoyujie
Email: zhaoyujie AT

I hope get many information about radar.

11/25/1999 00:00:00

Name: Richard (Dick) Ahlgren
Email: dicka AT

Still kicking. Living in Panama City Beach Fl.

11/24/1999 00:00:00

Name: george crooks
Email: gcooks AT

Richard Nemi Was looking at the guestbook today and seen your msg.i retired from the air force in 67. went to work for philco spent a year in thailand working on there tropo equipment them spent a year working at the new boston sat. tracking station in N.H worked in the 375 tx.rx section Hetzel was the crew chief.Was there 68 &69 bailed out of there after a year and went to Alaska civil service catch you later

11/24/1999 00:00:00

Name: Chuck Sunder
Email: chsun1 AT

I was at the 719th AC&W Sq, Sparrevohn, Alaska, from Jan 55 to Jan 56. Looking for anyone who was there during that time.

11/23/1999 00:00:00

Name: Jack Kerr
Email: jrkerr AT

Christmas 1973 or was it 1972 at 637th. We all (husbands and wives) went carrolling led by CO L/C John Postas. We stopped by all 27 houses for refreshments. We even went through the hallways of barracks to surprise of several airmen in scivvies. Ended up at NCO club for more refreshments. WE WERE FAMILY! Happy Holidays- Jack & Evelyn Kerr

11/23/1999 00:00:00

Name: Tony Paladini
Email: tobob2 AT

I was at Sparrevohn in 1951,we flew in by PBY to Lake 606, then by chopper to the site,they dropped all the equipment by parachute.We lived in tents until Nov.We had a good time.

11/23/1999 00:00:00

Name: Robert O. (Buz) Sawyer
Email: SawyerXX AT

I started with the 792nd at Oklahoma City, served at the 793rd, 610th, 633rd, 858th, 727th, too numerous to mention! Would like to hear from old ACW friends.

11/22/1999 00:00:00

Name: Lawrence Zurfehr
Email: lazur AT

Was at Empire 3 differant tours. Need documentation when it changed from AC&W to RADRON. I also need a colored photo of the Sq. insignia. Thank you

11/22/1999 00:00:00

Name: Jody Root
Email: jody.root AT

Though not an operator, I spent nearly 7 years, Oct 92 thru Jun 99 at the 84th Radar Evaluation Squadron at Hill AFB Ut, and have been to 36 radar installations worldwide, to include several DEW line radars. I was there in the capacity of a radar site evaluator and radar coverage prediction technician. I am still currently active duty working at Tyndall AFB Fl, though not in a radar organization. I will always love working with and around radar systems and may try and get back to them after my time in the service. If you are looking for pictures and info on radar installations, the 84th Radar Eval Sq. is a huge source.

11/22/1999 00:00:00

Name: James Sanders
Email: sedarcrst AT

GREAT SITE this is the first Air Force site were I have found someone I served with.I Served at the 750th. Boron Ca.from 62 to 65 it was my 1st duty station after tech school.It would love to hear from others that served.

11/20/1999 00:00:00

Name: Richard Sarno
Email: rsjs AT

Great Site. I was stationed at 773rd,Montauk PT. 64-67, 710th Tin City AK 67-68 683rd Sweetwater TX 68 and then went to McClellan AFB fly on the connies (EC-121) was there until closing. Lots of great memories at these places. keep up the good work on this great site. Rich Sarno, MSGT, USAF, Retired.

11/20/1999 00:00:00

Name: Bob perkins
Email: Bper932203 AT

Radar operator at the 743rd (Campion AK) from 72-73, flew the Connies from 73 to 78 with Rich Sarno out of McClellan and Homestead(one hell of a crew chief), spent a few months with the 644th in Homestead before finishing off my 8 years at 14th MWS (Mt Laguna, CA). Loved the Air Force (including the remotes and TDYs), and still love the men and women I served with. Well, most of them, anyways. Thanks for keeping the memory alive. We done good.

11/20/1999 00:00:00

Name: Chadwick H. Garber, Capt, USAF
Email: jcplgarber AT

Gene, This is a great site. I was the Program manager for the Alaska Radar System contract from Apr 96 - Aug 99 and have been to 20 of these locations. Its nice to see that someone cares to preserve some of the history. I would be happy to send you some pictures if you are interested. Fort Yukon LRRS, Murphy Dome LRRS, Indian Mountain LRRS, Galena FOL, Sparrevohn LRRS, Tatalina LRRS, King Salmon LRRS & FOL, Cold Bay LRRS, Cape Newenham LRRS, Cape Romanzof LRRS, Tin City LRRS, Cape Lisburne LRRS, Wainwright SRRS, Point Barrow LRRS, Point Lonely SRRS, Oliktok LRRS, Bullen Point SRRS, and Barter Island LRRS.

11/18/1999 00:00:00

Name: Dave Kohler
Email: lilly AT

Interested in Red Rock Info

11/17/1999 00:00:00

Name: Bruce R. Burns
Email: bruceburns AT

Should have listed where I have been, sorry. 1960 thru 1981, Keesler, Fortuna ND, Hofn Iceland, Mc Coy (TAC) Fla, North Bend Org, Elmendorf AK Watertown NY, Port Austin Mich and now reside back in Anchorage AK. Thanks

11/17/1999 00:00:00

Name: Donald E. Peters
Email: donpet33 AT

Just found out about your site, I think its great. I was a radar operator and an anti-jammng operator at the following sites: 661 AC&W Sq, Selfridge AFB, MI (51-53); 607 AC&W Sq, Korea (53-54); 760 AC&W Sq. Colville, WA (54-55); 648 AC&W Sq, Benton,PA (55-58); Boston ADS (SAGE), Stewart AFB, NY; (58-59); 603 AC&W Sq. Langerkopf, Germany (59-63); 903 Radar Sq, Gettysburg, SD (63-65; 644 Radar Sq, Homestead AFB, FL (65-69) & (70-72); 780 AirDef Gp, Fortuna, ND (69-70).

11/16/1999 00:00:00

Name: Michael Cormier
Email: mikeec AT

601st TCS 1978 - 1980, North Truro A.F.S 1980 - 1983, Rockville Iceland late 1983 to late 1984, Cape cod A.F.S.(PAVE PAWS) 1985 -1987.

11/16/1999 00:00:00

Name: Bruce R. Burns
Email: bruceburns AT

I have worked on many of the sets in your wonderful presentation FPS-6, 90, 20, 26, 35, MPS-11 TPS-1D and others that I cant think of. Will drag out the old boxes and see what I can find for my contribution....Thanks... Bruce R. Burns, TSGT, USAF, retired

11/13/1999 00:00:00

Email: CGETC76 AT

Served at Lockport AFS, NY 1957-july 1959 served West Mesa AFS, NM July 1959-Jan.1960 Served Bethel AFS, Alaska Jan 1960-Jan 1961 Served Baudette AFS,Minn Feb. 1961-Feb 1964. Served Bellville AFS(Turkey Hill) Feb.1964-June 1965.Got out of the AF as S/Sgt. Entered the US Coast Guard Oct 1965 Retired from Coast Guard as CPO(E-7)

11/13/1999 00:00:00

Name: Peter Trindall
Email: P Trindall AT

Served at RAF Fylingdales (BMEWS) North Yorkshire England, as senior operator from Jun 1987 to Aug 1991

11/12/1999 00:00:00

Name: Aaron V. Allen, III (USAF -57-65)
Email: nancy.l.allen AT

Was at 931st ACWRON (P-Mtn Grnlnd)Aug 59 to Jun 60...Had wanted to serve at CONUS sites (like St Alband, N Truro, Mt Lemon etc.) but never got to--went into SSCS/ SFCS instead...

11/12/1999 00:00:00

Name: Brian Zwerdling
Email: bzwerdling AT

Interesting reading. Been through the Dew line sites in Alaska and Canada with the FPS-117 and Mobile TACS in Germany and the U.S.A. Additional Radar evaluation work around the world. Check out WWW.RADES.HILL.AF.MIL. Looking forward to seeing more on this site about TACS.

11/12/1999 00:00:00

Name: Eric Schulz
Email: schulz AT

I was part of the original group who opened the 780th AC&W site at Fortuna, ND in Sep 1951. (Long time ago) Thanks for the efforts of everyone involved in this web site for keeping the memories alive. I was fortunate to have served with some really great people and have been even more fortunate to have kept in contact with a few of them over the years. Thanks again.

11/11/1999 00:00:00

Name: Richard Nemi
Email: d.nemi AT

Was assigned to 658 ACWRON Winnemucca NV 1955 prior to going operational. Transfered to 668 ACWRON Mather AFB in 1958. Reenlisted in 1960 assigned to computer maint school at Keesler. Sent to Mt. Tam in CA for a couple of months than to ANFSQ-7 school at IBM Factory in Kingston. Sent to SFADS at Beale AFB, closed that, transfered to SAGE site in Topsam ME. Discharge went to work fo Philco as TechRep assigned to Duluth, transfered to Hancock field in Syracuse NY. Left Syracuse went to New Boston Sattelite Tracking Station in NH. Would like to here from 658 and 668 vets.

11/11/1999 00:00:00

Name: Joseph W. Murphy
Email: murphy1 AT

Served at 775th ACW Sq Cambria Pines, CA 1956 to 1957 then 917th ACW Puntzi Mountain, BC Canada 1957-1958

11/10/1999 00:00:00

Name: Sam Mendoza
Email: SMEN696557 AT AOL.COM


11/09/1999 00:00:00

Name: Jim Riggin
Email: sales AT

I started out in Radar back in 1957 in Germany, Det 2, 602 AC&W Sq, Hof, Germany. Nearly 29 years later, all in Radar, I retired from the 24th Air Division at Griffis AFB, NY. Going through your web pages brings back a lot of old memories. Thanks, Jim Riggin CMSgt, USAF (RET)

11/09/1999 00:00:00

Name: Stuart L Jumper
Email: TSgtSJump AT

Why dont you list TAC radar sites also? I was stationed at Myrtle Beach, 727 AC&W 61-64. Nice location but didnt care for TAC duty. Stu Jumper

11/08/1999 00:00:00

Name: John Gregory Bates, SGT
Email: jgbatesii AT

Served 714 AEW&C from 6-72 to 6-73, Cold Bay Alaska. 27650, Radar Operator.

11/08/1999 00:00:00

Name: Donald R. Abbott
Email: AT

Always enjoy your site Gene, Keep up the good work and Thank You for everything you do, for everyone!

11/05/1999 00:00:00

Name: John P. Reitinger, LtCol USAF (Ret)
Email: gus.reitinger AT

Great endeavor! Will dig out some stuff for you. FYI - heres my comnnection: Commander, 766 RADS, Caswell AFS ME from 12/76 - 5/80. Flt Cmdr of the initial SAGE/BUIC system level training flt at the ADWC (IWS, Tyndall -- called APQ (automated positionally qualified) 74-76 Instructed the GCI portion of the aircrew Master of Air Defense program. First guinea pig (student) in the BOMARC Instructors training course at Gunter 1966.

11/05/1999 00:00:00

Name: John D.Kidd
Email: jonny46777 AT

11/05/99 I was in the 507th CAMRON stationed at Sault STe. Marie, MI. Kincheloe AFB. from Dec. 1960 to Dec. 1962 and then in Goose Bay Labrador from Jan. 1963 until May 1964. Would like to here from anyone whom I was stationed with, send me and e-mail.

11/04/1999 00:00:00

Name: Gary E. Thomas
Email: getbjthomas AT

Were on-line now so checking up on your museum page.

11/03/1999 00:00:00

Name: Frank Pratt
Email: Dalton1620 AT

10/3/99 Served ten years on active duty (1950/1960)603rd,798th and 713th.If you have been there E-mail me.

11/02/1999 00:00:00

Name: Leon A. McBride
Email: lmcbrid1 AT

Served 10 years active duty from July 54 to July 64. 1 Year at 930 ACW, Rockville, Iceland; 3 Years at 635th ACW, McChord AFB; 2 Years at Kamloops AFS, Kamloops, BC and 4 years at Otis AFB, MA 960th and 961st AEW&C. Interested in making contact with anyone who served at any of these sites.