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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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10/31/1999 00:00:00

Name: former sp/4 harold m. cocherell u.s. army
Email: wb0dky AT

was stationed on abandoned air force radar site at two creeks,wis in 1959. designated the site as cm01r. we were part of the 45th arty.brigade. i was a radar operator.i like your site very much. keep up the good work!

10/30/1999 00:00:00

Name: Paul Hardy
Email: paul.hardy AT

Anyone have any current information on the radar site on the Oregon Coast? Have driven buy it before. Anyone ever work there or know if it is still in operation? What type of radar and does the place have a name. Any info would be helpful.

10/28/1999 00:00:00

Name: Karlene Leeper
Email: karlene.leeper AT

Im enjoying your site. I am the cultural resources manager for the 611th ASG which now manages many of the former FOB, DEW and AC&W sites in Alaska. We are involved in recording the history of Alaskas radar sites. In particular, I am interested in the use of small radioistope reactors, such as SNAPs, RTGs or similar small portable generators fueled by radioactive materials which may have been used at the remote northern radar sites. Do any of you know if these kinds of generators were used at the northern radar sites? Please post information here or contact me via email or by phone at 907-552-5057, or by mail at Karlene Leeper, 611CES/CEVP. 10471 20th Ave suite 302, Elmendorf AFB, AK 99506. We are also interested in old photos and stories. THANKS!

10/28/1999 00:00:00

Name: Chuck Sunder
Email: chsun1 AT

719th AC&W Sq, Sparrevohn, Alaska, January 1955-January 1956. Anyone that was at Sparrevohn during that era, I would like to hear from you.

10/28/1999 00:00:00

Name: Dr. Chuck Geeslin
Email: pk2merbank AT

Was at Mt. Laguna from February 58 and San Clemente Island from October 58 to September 59, then flew the connies at 551 Otis until late May 62. Enough! Absolutely hated the AF, loved flying the connies, did Sondrestromfjord and McCoy, just before I got out. Took me five years to believe I was out! There were the good times at RONs at Kindley too! Lots of cases fit in those domes!

10/27/1999 00:00:00

Name: Steve Kapp
Email: kalbo AT

I had a look at your site. It was real interesting to see all the sites that I used to talk with from 1977-1978 at the 679th RADS in Jacksonville FL. Does anyone remember working on the old FRT-49 and the GKA-5. I guess they are in a museum by now! Steve Kapp, MSgt, USAF (Still active duty until 1 Aug 2000)

10/26/1999 00:00:00

Name: Woody Breedlove
Email: woodyb AT

Speaking of bubble checks, when I was at Kume Shime Okinawa 169-170 we had bubble checks quite often. They came off carriers as well as from Naha. They were especially enjoyable after working a Mid and a jet flew down the hallway and you jumped out of bed. I have some good movies looking down at a F8 coming up from a valley right at you. All in all it was great. Woody Breedlove, Bangor, Maine

10/26/1999 00:00:00

Name: Gene E. Milliman
Email: gene.milliman AT

Was a SAGE member from 1958 Thru 1969. Served in Syracuse AFS NY, Maguire AFB NJ, and Corvalis AFS OR.

10/25/1999 00:00:00

Name: Carl Wenberg
Email: cwenberg AT

Got a kick out of msg. sent 10/22 Pedro Velasquez someday I!m going to fly a Jet Ithink alot of us thought the same ,only Jets we got to see was if some thoughtful Jet Jock would give us what we called a Bubble Check as we spent our time in some god forsaken isolated site,

10/25/1999 00:00:00

Name: Bob Carlson
Email: RCC2 AT prodigy, net

A friend just tipped me off to your site and I am very interested in it as I spent much of my life on one ACW site or another around the world; and I acquired more than 5000 hours flying the old Connie out of Otis...will look to see if I have anything you might be interested in.

10/24/1999 00:00:00

Name: Larry Clare
Email: larryc AT

I was so surprised to find a site on AC&W squadrons. Somehow it has made me feel that the time we all did in AC&W units was worth a little more than we thought. It did mean something!

10/23/1999 00:00:00

Name: Lee R. Bishop CMSgt, Ret.
Email: bishoplr AT

I have a black and white copy of the emblem for the 858th at Fallon, NV. It was in the header of some Site Newsletters I sent you sometime back. I can resend if you wish.

10/22/1999 00:00:00

Name: Mark Bennett (Research Officer)
Email: pbb_mb AT

I am currently trying to trace records of the UK instalations of AN/FPS-3s in the early 1950s. I need Technical data, photos and info on the relavent companies involved. I would like to contact Ground Radar instalation enginers involved in the UK instalations. My research form part of a national effort to document the Cold War in the UK. Please E-Mail Me if you can help.

10/22/1999 00:00:00

Name: Pedro Velasquez
Email: tercin AT

I would like to say the Air Force is the best and someday Im going to fly a JET!!!

10/21/1999 00:00:00

Name: SMSGT William L. Hatfield
Email: thehat AT

Just updating my E-Mail address. Site sure has expanded in the year+ I have been checking in. Good job guys.

10/20/1999 00:00:00

Name: Ed Lupien
Email: edlupien AT

If you were in the 716th Radar Squadron, Kalispell Radar Site, in Lakeside, Montana, please e-mail me. I was there from October 27, 1966 through January 10, 1069.

10/19/1999 00:00:00

Name: Oran K Park
Email: pist2 AT

signed in to book need to change my email address

10/18/1999 00:00:00

Name: Deane E Esancy CMSGT/RET
Email: DEE007 AT

Great job keep up the good work

10/18/1999 00:00:00

Name: CM/SGT CHARLES S. EGAN (Retired)

What a great web site. After working in the long range radar field (30372/30390) for 20 years, it brings back many memories working on the old CPS-1, CPS-4, CPS-5, CPS-6 and the old workhorse, the FPS-3, along with a variety of other systems. During my time with ADC, I was stationed at the 759th AC&W SQDN at Naselle, WA during 1956-57, and later at Hdqrs, NYADS at McGuire AFB during 1959-62. While at McGuire, I worked and visited all the radar sites under our operational control. Since I live on Long Island now, I have the occasion to see the FPS-35 that still stands on the grounds of the old 773rd AC&W Sqdn at Montauk Pt. Keep up the good work.

10/17/1999 00:00:00

Name: Bob Kendig
Email: rke8753111 AT

This is a great site. I enjoyed it very much. However everyone has forgotten one small section of the SAGE organization. I served at many AC&W units. The assignment I am most proud of was my tour at 20th NORAD as an Enlisted Weapons Director. We were few in number but because we had extensive experience as Weapons Techs all EWCs performed their duties in an outstanding, professional manner. We were requested over the officers for the most difficule missions.

10/16/1999 00:00:00

Name: Albert J. Pollen
Email: Brelen2 AT aol .com

First assignment out of Keesler July 62/ July 63. Hello Charlie Crew from A3c Al

10/16/1999 00:00:00

Name: Albert J. Pollen
Email: Brelen2 AT aol .com

First assignment out of Keesler July 62/ July 63. Hello Charlie Crew from A3c Al 705th AC&W, KING SALMON ALASKA also 966th AEWE&C SQD. Mc COY AFB ORLANDO FL.

10/16/1999 00:00:00

Name: William R. Henderson
Email: WRHender AT

I REALLY enjoyed browsing through your new RMH and you are to be Congratulated for a magnificent WEB Site I spent a year 1962-63 on the Aleutians when USAF first manned the Aleutian DEW with Blue-Suiters! I couldnt find the White-Alice (Aleutian DEW Line) Radars listed anywhere? Can you help me?

10/16/1999 00:00:00

Name: John French
Email: 0896pj AT

Was station at the 681st, Cut Bank from 59-60, and 918th Baldy Hughes, BC from 60-61. Thanks for the memories.

10/15/1999 00:00:00

Name: Mac McSweeney
Email: mac_mcsweeney AT

Stationed: 641st AC&WRon Melville AFS 27350A Labrador 1958-1960 (OCONUS) 663rd AC&WRon Lake City, TN 1960-Closed (Oct 1960) WADF/28th ADIV COC Hamilton AFB,CA

10/14/1999 00:00:00

Name: Floyd Asbury
Email: dynamotion AT

Would like to hear from anyone that served at the 748th AC&W Squadron in Kotzebue, AK. I was there during all of 1968.

10/14/1999 00:00:00

Name: Ed Huston
Email: edshir AT

Outstanding web site. Vanuel Smith e-mailed the info to me. I was at 770th AC&W, Palermo AFS, NJ 6/56-10/58 684th AC&W, Mt Lemmon AFS,AZ 2/60-10/63 637th AC&W, Othello AFS,WA 6/70-1/73 Enjoyed all the assignments, made some good friends and worked with some great people. I retired in 1973 and went to work for the US Forest Service. Retired from the Forest Service in 1995.

10/13/1999 00:00:00

Name: George Crooks
Email: gcooks7 AT

Yes i found my way to the guestbook.Ref.Fortuna Huey the cook who turned out good hamburgers and onion rings i remimber him well in fact i bought his mercury 55 after it caught on fire at the mess hall after he had tuned it up was there 65 to 67.worked fps-35 tower

10/13/1999 00:00:00

Name: Robert Keeney
Email: rkeeney AT

I was thinking about doing something like this site myself and turned up this site on Altavista Advanced Search. I think you have a good thing going here keep it up.

10/12/1999 00:00:00

Name: lee r smith
Email: lsmith9700 AT

radar operator from jun 56 thru apr 63 amarillo,sioux lookout ont, west mesa nm, finland mn, crossed trained to data processing, retired 79 @AFMPC randolph tx

10/12/1999 00:00:00

Name: lee smith
Email: lsmith9700 AT


10/11/1999 00:00:00

Name: William B Hacker III
Email: askbill AT

Gene: Surprised to find no mention of 680th RADRON, Palermo NJ status as a BUIC III site. I served there as a U.S. Army Pfc from the fall of 1965 until receiving orders to Engineer OCS at Ft. Belvoir, VA in April of 1966. The 3-man Army presence was for NIKE-HERC integration to BUIC, and gave rise to some outright hilarious situations between blue and green suits, especially as I returned as a LT of Engineers at Christmas of 1966 for a visit. Gee those groundpounders sure make rank fast! Course it meant a tour in RVN (67-68) was to follow!

10/10/1999 00:00:00

Name: Park, Oran K
Email: pist2 AT

785th 55-57, 931st 57-58, 752nd 58-59 Duluth 59-63,Langerkoph Ger 63-65, 666st 65-66, 743rd 66-67, 963 AEW 67-70 kOREA 70-71, Tyndol (ATC) 71-75. Retired Dec 1975

10/10/1999 00:00:00

Name: Rick Helscher
Email: rhelsche AT

Great site. Stationed at 655th (Watertown, NY) 69-70, 21st NR (Syracuse) 72-73, and 22nd NR (North Bay) 73-75. Love to hear from anyone who was there.

10/09/1999 00:00:00

Name: Steve McGuire
Email: mcguires AT

Just checking back. Glad to see youre growing. Lots of new names. Havnt had a chance to check my photo files yet to help out this web page but its on the list. Was anybody out there ever stationed with a Bob(Robert W.)Barthelemess or an Al (Alan K.) Rachauskas. They were room mates at Keesler in 1961-2 and Id like to locate them again for old times sake. Never knew what happened to them

10/09/1999 00:00:00

Name: Tom Page
Email: tepage AT

Here is an update on our Save the Montauk AN/FPS-35 Tower & Antenna proposal. Several people, in addition to myself, report that they have now received replies from the National Park Service (NPS) via their US Senators and House Representatives. The replies are basically the same standard letter, but at least we are getting the NPS personnel`s attention on multiple fronts. The letter-writing campaign should continue. Then, I think the next step is to contact Mr. John Kelly in the NPS Boston Support Office at (617) 223-5190 (as suggested in the last paragraph of the NPS response letters). I believe we need to keep working this issue in order to keep existing interest alive, and to develop new interest. [There apparently is some local interest from Long Island historical groups, too.] There is every reason for optimism at this point. I believe that if we all continue following up on our requests to preserve the old AN/FPS-35 radar tower and its antenna assembly (and maybe other parts of the former Montauk Air Force Station), then we stand a good chance of success. As a minimum, wed like to see the tower be saved as a monument to the CONUS Cold War air-defense radar programs. At the other end of the spectrum, wed like to see the entire former Montauk Air Force Station (and Camp Hero) become a large-scale air-defense radar museum, with static displays, photographs, models, maps, and other important memorabilia. But, one step at a time. The AN/FPS-35 radar antenna assembly has been sitting out in the salt-air environment for close to 20 years now, presumably without any corrosion control or any other structural maintenance, so the first step in preserving the antenna assembly would be a thorough inspection and fix-up (corrosion/rust removal, paint, etc.). That should be done as soon as possible, and NPS (or other) funding is needed to do this. Other activities can wait somewhat longer. That is the latest for now; will keep you updated. -- Tom

10/09/1999 00:00:00

Name: Daniel Menold
Email: sandtrout AT

Im at the library and they say I cant use the email service!!!!!!!!

10/09/1999 00:00:00

Name: Clifford J. Soucy
Email: cliff AT

1956-1958 Det. 15 Fukue-Shima, Japan 1958-1960 655 AC&W, Watertown, NY 1960-1962 610 AC&W, Santa Rosa Island, Ca. 1962-1963 AC&W at Charleston WV

10/07/1999 00:00:00

Name: Bob Caggiano
Email: rcaggian AT

Today I received the two Museum patches I had ordered. I have to hand it to Gene/Tom. These patches are first rate quality, not cheap junk! Two Attaboys gentlemen...first rate job!

10/06/1999 00:00:00

Name: Jack C. Overly
Email: jcoverly AT

787th AC&W Squadron. Chandler, MN Have had about 4 reunions. In year 2000 wil have another one near Cleaveland. Have located approximately 60 + x-airment. Looking for more. Anyone I havnt found please send me an e-mail and I will put you on the list.

10/06/1999 00:00:00

Name: Weldon B. Roberts
Email: cvso AT

Great site. Keep up the good work. I have had a couple e-mail from old friend. Looking for others 903rd Gettysburg SD 61-65, 641st Melville Lab. 65-66, 785th Finley ND 71-72.

10/06/1999 00:00:00

Name: Joe Arico
Email: arico AT

FAA tech @ Gibbsboro NJ J51 ARSR4 (QIE), old work site was Trevose (QDP)ARSR 60 (FPS20 type transmitter w/ 3us pulse ss receivers & cd2)(now defunct site except for buecs & mrcl for ZNY)

10/05/1999 00:00:00

Name: Herbert W Bates
Email: herbertbates AT

Corrected dates that I served on Texas Tower 4 are may 1959 November 1960. I had completed 321 days and due to dammage on the tower I was released to the 962 AEW&C squadron.

10/05/1999 00:00:00

Name: Honsell D Thompson (Doug)
Email: dougthompson AT

I was assigned to the 761st December of 1961 and left April of 1962. Worked in the power plant for Harry Hodges. Remember the NCO club and the night life. The site had a couple of boats which we took to a near by lake and went water skiing. I remember the violent electrical storms we experienced on top of the mountain. The site is now a prison Im told. Would love to hear from anyone with knowledge of the site, Id sure like to communicate with you.

10/04/1999 00:00:00

Name: ray miller
Email: wasserkuppe AT

i received my training at keesler in 1959.

10/04/1999 00:00:00

Name: Bill Moore
Email: wcm AT

Gene: Thanks for the memories! Bill

10/03/1999 00:00:00

Name: SJMcFetridge
Email: SMcFetr606 AT AOL.COM

To correct Bob,not sure how that happened(my typing leaves a lot to be desired(correct address is SMcFetr606@AOL.COM)Thanx Stu McFetridge

10/03/1999 00:00:00

Name: Tom Marino
Email: alm4140 AT

Was made aware of this site by a fellow TT2 mate from N.J.(VINCE CAVELEA). We both served on TT2 1958-1960. Ijust read all the guestbook notes and recognized some names. Anyone who remembers me, give me a e-mail.I never left working on DOD products.Worked at REPUBLIC AVIATION as aradar tech on the F-105D for 3 years and switched to GRUMMAN for the past 36 years.KEESLER was great preparation for a career in electronics. Was at 701stAC&W 57-58 then off to TT2in July of 58.Still trying to find some old buddies,SSGT FRANK PALUMBO,A2C FREDDY FRANCO,A2C DAVID SURRATT.This agreat site and will visit it often. Keep up the good work.

10/03/1999 00:00:00

Name: Weldon B. Roberts
Email: cvso AT

Excellent web site. Glad I found it. Stationed at 903 Gettysburg SD and 641 Melville Labrador. would like to hear from anyone that was there.

10/02/1999 00:00:00

Name: John Tianen
Email: jtianen AT

Looking for former buddies? Try It has a list of nearly 4000 ex-USAF members with e-mail addresses and past assignments with dates. It also contains a nice USAF reunion list. Add your name, its quick and easy.

10/01/1999 00:00:00

Name: Richard Collins
Email: ritchy AT

My e-mail address when I first signed the Guestbook was wrong. As I wrote the first time --- I was stationed on the Continental Divide AFS --- 769th. AC&W Sq --- 1954 to 1955. I was an Air Policeman --- site security and town patrol in Gallup NM. Also worked security at the 34th Air Division block house on Kirtland AFB NM for a short time.

10/01/1999 00:00:00

Name: Bob Caggiano
Email: rcaggian AT

To S.J.McFetridge ....your e-mail address that you posted in September does not work. Can you leave the correct one please?