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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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05/01/2020 21:37:55

Name: Paul Gadaire ( Main Street Cowboys )
Email: paulgadaire AT

Looking for Ray Staiger North Dakota

04/23/2020 15:51:43

Name: Stanley Duro
Email: standuro AT

Taps (4/21/2020) for Ed Hubbard of Balboa Is. CA of non virus causes, He served at Roslyn AFS, NY and the 623rd AC&W at Yon Tan Mt. Okinawa in the post WW2 years. A fine and very humorous person to know. Another friend to be missed

03/11/2020 22:21:44

Name: Wayne Eugene Smith
Email: k8vya AT

I was station at Tatalina AFS from May,1970-may 1971. I was radar repairman at Hilltop. I remmber the cold winters temps with chill factor or -80 below. Some of the qusethuts had snow over the top thedoor in the bar and movie area fire exit had snow all the way to the top of the door. That winter they had the army come to blast a potential avalance but nothing happened.

03/09/2020 01:19:42

Name: Dale A Jones
Email: signmandale AT

I was stationed in Hokaido, Japan 848th detachment 28 1956-1959. I worked in the Radome as a radar repairman.
Does anyone remember the fire in 1957 in the barracks?
Contact me at the above email. Would love to hear from anyone who served then.
Dale A Jones

08/28/2019 18:23:08

Name: rockbison
Email: Briankurosaki AT

Iím currently at the site of the dome in Red Bluff. After reading an article and the history behind it, I was enthralled. It still stands here to this day, would love to have seen the facility back in its hay day.

07/04/2019 02:08:09

Name: ron
Email: tullysbrother AT

I am doing research for the USN families that lost their loved ones 6 Nov 51, when their P2V-3w Neptune A/C (call sign transplant) was shot down over the Sea of Japan. My guess that 511 AC&W Gp at Okushiri-shima may have tracked them out of Atsugi. What was 511's call sign or any other help will be appreciated. 67 years w/o answers is far too long. From an old scope dope.

06/02/2019 21:29:56

Name: Steve Weatherly
Email: lweatherly4 AT

The 27 May tornado did hit the National Museum of the Air Force. On 28 May 2019 the Museum announced that the Early Years Gallery would be closed for repairs. No static display aircraft or exhibits were damaged.

05/29/2019 14:02:35

Name: Gene
Email: Gene AT

Re: Dayton area hurricane. Tornadoes, up to EF3 have hit the Dayton area and further east into Hocking county (Laurelville area). Damage has been quite heavy. Haven't heard of any damage near WPAFB, however.

05/29/2019 01:31:18

Name: Steve Weatherly
Email: lweatherly4 AT

Lots of hurricane activity lately in Dayton and at WP AFB. Not much news info showing up in up state NY on any possible damage to AF Museum in Dayton or the NADRM. Hope all is well at your location and with the staff. Damage in Dayton may be a problem for getting the Radar Station monument up at the AF Museum by Oct/Nov 19. Any news?

03/29/2019 05:47:53

Name: Steve Weatherly
Email: lweatherly4 AT

This is the second year for the 29 Mar Vietnam Veterans Day. Although I was never in Vietnam, I was at Mt Hebo AFS from 65-67 (radar maintenance +) and we did have a MARS station that was an alternate gateway for GI traffic from Vietnam. I also attended two schools at Keesler where we had students from Vietnam in my class. The first was in 64 at the Ground Electronics Officer Course (Radar) where I had electronic fundamental at Annex 3 along with 2 RVN officers. The second was the C&E Staff Officer class in 74 where the class included the senior RVN officer at KTTC who was also responsible for the many RVN pilots training in T-34s. At 0600 the pilots would routinely take off usually from the end of the field by the Back Bay. This was right across the street from my Base House at 463 Kensington Drive. I can attest to the loudness of the T-34 engine. Together these 3 contacts with Vietnam made our US commitment all the more real for me, even if it was on the other side of the world! Unfortunately after the fall of the RVN, I never was able to learn what happened to my RVN classmates!