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Welcome to the Online Air Defense Radar Museum. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that we have contributed a little something in the name of those who served.  Gene.

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12/07/2018 19:28:38

Name: Kayla
Email: flovinkayla AT


I live in Texarkana, Arkansas. I am doing research in an attempt to get the radar dome here preserved rather than it continuing to deteriorate. I was hoping to find out if there were domes in other places that were abandoned as this one has been. If so, where are they located?

Any information/documents/photos about the 703d and the Airmen who served here would also be appreciated. I will gladly welcome any help to get the property preserved.

11/23/2018 19:56:40

Name: Ed Caro
Email: Sail282 AT

Anyone from the 743rd, 748th, 765th AC&W squad or 21 NR/AD
feel free to contact me.

10/26/2018 21:32:25

Name: Steven Wagner
Email: voyager7677 AT

Veteran AC&W Operator, 743rd AC&W Sqdn., Campion AFS, AK Oct., 1966 - Oct., 1967
USAF July, 1964 - June, 1968
FAA Air Traffic Controller March, 1970 - January, 2005 (Retired)

10/04/2018 18:06:15

Name: Gene
Email: support AT

Thanks to the good work done by Paul Mussolino (hope I spelled that right), we now have digital copies of most of the Texas Tower #4 documents that I gave to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force a good many years ago. These are documents that Radomes bought on eBay a long time ago, and were originally done by one of the engineers who built the tower structure. It includes a post-mortem of the tower collapse, if memories serve me right.

I will be posting some online, on the Online Air Defense Radar Museum web site and Facebook pages along with the NADRM Facebook pages. Some I'll reprint to hard copy, trying to get the faded type fixed up a bit. and it will be available in the NADRM Library for public viewing.

I had previously been unable to get access to these and had been trying to get the NMUSAF to return them.

We owe a big debt of gratitude to Paul for his efforts. Bravo Zulu! Job well done!

09/02/2018 21:03:04

Email: socialdanzer AT

Hi Gene !
We spoke on the phone about upgrading my annual membership to a Lifetime one, and I sent you the difference .

My brain did not realized that you are also one of those managing this Radomes Site.

I am not sure if I ever registered here, but I am with Lowell and on Cold Bay now, and I thought to add Radomes, since you have a lot of good Resources !!
Thanks !

08/25/2018 13:41:10

Name: Gene McManus
Email: support AT

UPDATE: This has been corrected

There is a problem with the "Maps" link for each radar site. We're working on it, stay tuned.

07/27/2018 13:38:24

Name: Gene
Email: support AT

We had a user ask why a direct link to would not show any photos. It's worth explaining here:

We did a major architectural change several years ago, and unless you enter the online museum via the home page (, the required software isn't loaded that allows the display of images. The online museum is highly software driven, not HTML driven as it originally was. A direct link such as will no longer work. - Gene

07/24/2018 20:00:03

Name: paul alford
Email: plalford AT

I was at Johnson Air Base, Japan from Oct,58 til June 60. I worked at 41st air division control center. The Mole Hole,. Call sign Cook. I had friends at sites thruout Japan.

07/12/2018 23:01:41

Name: Robert R Ritter
Email: rrritter AT

Glad you have this site. I have joined this group in the past as I was involved during my short years in the service.

07/09/2018 12:32:34

Name: Gene
Email: support AT

Just a quick check to be sure the Guestbook is still working.