Information for Yaak AFS (Bonners Ferry), MT

Latitude: 48-51-44.7 N, Longitude: 115-43-19.2 W

Call Sign(s): Frosty

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
P-11     680 Yaak AFS (Bonners Ferry), MT FPS-3; FPS-4; FPS-6; GPS-3   Apr-52 01-Jul-60 Radar site was located on top of Hensley Hill; cantonment and housing were down below, at town of Yaak. Sq relocated to Palermo AFS, NJ (Z-54); Yaak AFS became gap-filler site SM-151E.
P-11A / SM-151C Z-151C     Porthill, ID FPS-14   May-58 Jun-60 Gap-Filler Annex.
P-11B / TM-179C /SM- Z-179C / Z-151F     Eureka, MT FPS-14   May-58 Jun-60 Gap-Filler Annex. Located on Black Butte. After site closure, the radar tower hosted a fire lookout cab. The fire lookout is now on a different tower.
P-11C / SM-151D Z-151D     Moyie Springs, ID FPS-18   Mar-60 Dec-60 Gap-Filler Annex.

Current Use: Site demolished.

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