Information for Mount Laguna AFS, CA

Latitude: 32-52-40 N, Longitude: 116-24-55 W

Call Sign(s): Anderson, Shudder

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
P-76 Z-76 J-30 751; Det. 4, 14 MWS Mount Laguna AFS, CA CPS-4; FPS-3; FPS-8; FPS-7C; FPS-6;FPS-90; FPS-26A (FSS-7) FPS-7E; FPS-90; (FSS-7). ARSR-3; FPS-116 (JSS). Apr-52 JSS ARSR-4 site now BUIC-III. FPS-26A modified to FSS-7 radar. Second ARSR-4 installation.
P-76A Z-76A     Tecate, CA FPS-14   Nov-57 Jun-61 Gap-Filler Annex. Building is still extant. Located on top of Tecate Peak (known to the Indians as Mt. Kuchurnaa which is considered sacred).
P-76B       San Ysidro, CA (FPS-14 first planned, then FPS-18)       Gap-Filler Annex. Never activated. Building is still extant. Located on the west end of Otay Mesa, just east-northeast of San Ysidro (south-southeast of San Diego, CA).
P-76C       Tierra del Sol, CA (FPS-14 first planned, then FPS-18)       Gap-Filler Annex. Never activated. Also known as Hipass.
P-76D Z-76D     Coyote Wells, CA FPS-14   Apr-58 Dec-60 Gap-Filler Annex.
P-76E       Moreno, CA (FPS-14 planned)       Gap-Filler Annex. Never operational. Location has been confirmed.
P-76F / P-59C Z-76F / Z-59C     Joshua Tree, CA FPS-18   Sep-60 Jun-61 Gap-Filler Annex. Located atop Copper Mountain. 1961 and 1962 SAGE maps show Joshua Tree as site P-59C; however, 1958 SAGE map shows Lathrop Wells as site P-59C.

Current Use: Active radar facility.

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