Information for MacDill AFB, FL

Latitude: 27-50-05 N, Longitude: 082-28-19 W

Call Sign(s): Sheepman

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
M-129 Z-129   660; Det. 7, 14 MWS MacDill AFB, FL GPS-3; MPS-7; MPS-14; FPS-20; FPS-7B / -7E; FPS-90; FPS-26A FPS-7E; FPS-90; (FSS-7) 06-Dec-54 15-Nov-80 * Also HQ and Det. 7 of 14 MWS, and later Det 1, 20 MWS (a detachment of Eglin) at closure. FPS-26A modified to FSS-7 SLBM radar. LRR site replaced by Fort Lonesome / Fort Green, FL, JSS sites. GATR retained until JSS switchover (1928 Comm. Sq.).
M-129A Z-129A     Winter Garden, FL FPS-14 FPS-18 Dec-58 01-Jul-70 Gap-Filler Annex.
M-129B Z-129B     Inverness, FL FPS-14 FPS-18 Dec-58 01-Jul-70 Gap-Filler Annex. Located south of Citrus County Road 480 in the Withlacoochee State Forest, about 9 miles SSW of Inverness.

Current Use: Deactivated; site mostly demolished.

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