Information for Cape Charles AFS, VA

Latitude: 37-08-02 N, Longitude: 75-57-07 W

Call Sign(s): Jitney, Birdsong

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
P-56 Z-56   771 Cape Charles AFS, VA CPS-5; CPS-4; FPS-3; FPS-8/GPS-3; FPS-7B; FPS-6 (2); FPS-26A FPS-7B; FPS-6; FPS-26A 1950 01-Jun-81 BUIC-II. FPS-7B shared with FAA. Site began as a Lashup site, L-15, Fort Custis, VA. Site had Airborne Long-Range Inputs (ALRI) receiver site and off-site Seaward Extension Shore Station (SESS) TX and RX sites. Site replaced by Oceana NAS, VA, JSS radar site.
M-116A, P-56C, M-117B Z-56C / Z-117B     Elizabeth City, NC FPS-14   Sep-57 Apr-68 * Gap-Filler Annex. Originally was to be M-116A. Alongside Body Road (SR 1139) on its west side, south-southwest of town, on the east side of the original Elizabeth City Municipal Airport. * ADC records list the closing date as on/after ''Dec-67''; one veteran's recollections say ''Apr-68.''
M-121A / P-56D       Roxbury, VA **         Gap-Filler Annex. ** In early 1960s ADC plans, but never was built. Possibly a relocation of the planned / not-built Fort Lee GFA (P-56D).
P-54A, RP-63E, P-56B Z-56B     Bethany Beach, DE FPS-14   Sep-57 Jun-68 Gap-Filler Annex. Former U.S. Army Air Warning Station (AWS) #11. Located 2.5 miles SW of Bethany Beach, DE. Originally was P-54A.
P-56A Z-56A     Temperanceville, VA FPS-14   Sep-57 Jun-68 Gap-Filler Annex. Building is still extant.
P-56D       Fort Lee, VA **         ** Gap-Filler Annex. In original ADC plans, but never was built

Current Use: Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge

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