Air Defense Radar Stations

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33 AD; 20 AD Fort Lee AFS, VA DC-4/DC-4    
20 ADD Grandview AFB, MO * SM-169 / MCC-2    
20 ADD; 33 AD; 29 AD Richards-Gebaur AFB, MO MCC-2/DC-8 / SCC-6  
30 AD; 20 AD; 37 AD Truax Field, WI DC-7 / CC-2/DC-7 / CC-2    

If a single single asterisk (*) appears next to a site, it denotes that the site was planned but no squadron was assigned (and obviously no radar installation was constructed for that site number). Click for examples.

If double asterisks (**) appear next to a site, they denote that the site was planned was assigned a numbered squadron, but was not built / activated (usually due to budgetary constraints). Click for examples.

All site numbers are listed in the data base for accounting reasons.

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