Sites in this category included M-107 (Elizabethtown {AFS}, PA; 690 AC&W Sq.); M-108 (Bowling Green {AFS}, MO; 699 AC&W Sq.); M-123 (Berlin {AFS}, MD; 651 AC&W Sq.); M-124 (Pope AFB, NC; 652 AC&W Sq.); SM-140 (Sioux City AFS, IA; 722 AC&W Sq.); SM-141 (Falls City {AFS}, NE; 723 AC&W Sq.); SM-142 (Nevada {AFS}, MO; 724 AC&W Sq.); SM-158 (Ferndale {AFS}, CA; 860 AC&W Sq.); SM-160 (Poston {AFS}, AZ; 862 AC&W Sq.); SM-161 (Shafter {AFS}, CA; 863 AC&W Sq.; GATR site was built, though); TM-182 (Nogales {AFS}, AZ; 816 AC&W Sq.); TM-183 (Hachita {AFS}, TX; 826 AC&W Sq.); and TM-184 (Valentine {AFS}, TX; 675 AC&W Sq.). [Note that if no station was built / activated, then "AFS" was given in parentheses. In the case of Sioux City, it did have an AFS, which was a SAGE DC installation.]

Note that it is possible that some of the above sites might have been built and operated very briefly; some of the old ADC records are incomplete or contradictory. It appeared to me initially that the radar sites at places like Alpena, MI; Grand Marais, MI; Two Creeks, WI; Union City, TN; and Carmi, IL were never activated (or, in a few cases, became gap-fillers instead.

However, "Searching the Skies" indicates that these sites were in use for about a year, then shut down. No other information is given. Now, we know some information in that reference is incorrect or incomplete. So, this may also be inaccurate.