Computer Room, and BUIC (Backup Interceptor Control) Operations Center

Keno Air Force Station was a BUIC site in the 25th Air Division. A BUIC site was designed to take over in the event that the SAGE center was nuked during a war. In 1973 we had two Greyhound busloads of people come up to run the site and man the computer scopes (scopes which saw the whole division, and used a light-gun to select a target). When I left in 1976, we all came up on one half-empty greyhound, or even a station wagon for night shifts. The BUIC design pretty much was obsolete when the MIRV nuclear capability wiped out any redundancy advantage. In the background on the left is the FPS-90 tower, and in the center, the FPS-67 tower, and on the right the FPS-6 tower.