2. The only SAGE-era long-range radar site than began its USAF existence as a gap-filler radar site was Gibbsboro AFS, NJ (RP-63 / Z-63). [Normally, long-range radar sites were converted to gap-filler radar sites, not the other way around.] Originally, the USAF operated gap-filler annex P-9 there at Gibbsboro (1957-1962), an operating location of Highlands AFS, NJ. Then, circa 1961, the Army relocated its long-range radar operations from its Nike Missile-Master site at Pedricktown, NJ, to Gibbsboro (which was on much higher terrain). The Air Force was directed to support the Army by maintaining the radar equipment at such sites. So, the Air Force’s 772nd AC&W Squadron (Radar Squadron) also relocated from Claysburg AFS (Blue Knob Park), PA (P-63), which was then reconfigured to become gap-filler radar site P-30H (however, the Claysburg gap-filler annex reportedly never achieved operational status). [Answer revised 12/14/2008.]