Information for Sault Ste. Marie AFS, MI

Latitude: 46-27-25 N, Longitude: 084-23-13 W

Call Sign(s): Naples

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
P-66 Z-66   753 Sault Ste. Marie AFS, MI FPS-3; FPS-5; FPS-20; FPS-35; FPS-6,-6B; FPS-26A FPS-35; FPS-90; FPS-26A 1952 01-Oct-79 Plans for an AN/FPS-28 FD search radar were cancelled; an AN/FPS-35 FD search radar was installed instead. After site closure, sections of the AN/FPS-35 radar antenna were sent to Montauk AFS to replace corroded sections of the antenna there (1980).
CG27 / P-66C Z-66C     Batchawana, ON, CN         Planned Gap-Filler Annex. Built. Never operational. Located atop Griffin Lake Peak, northeast of Batchawana Mountain.
CG28 / P-66D Z-66D     Eaglet River, ON, CN         Planned Gap-Filler Annex. Cancelled prior to construction.
CG9 / P-66E C-9C / Z-66E     Elliot Lake, ON, CN         Planned Gap-Filler Annex. Built. Never operational.
P-66A Z-66A     Grand Marais, MI FPS-18   Feb-60 Jun-68 Gap-Filler Annex. Located at Gypsy Lake Lookout Tower. Replaced LRR site, M-109, at a different location. Both building and radar tower were extant, but have been torn down recently.
P-66B       Fibre, MI         Gap-Filler Annex. Site was on Maple Hill. Facility reportedly was never completed.

Current Use: Deactivated.

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