Information for Othello AFS, WA

Latitude: 46-43-19.8 N, Longitude: 119-10-53.1 W

Call Sign(s): Igloo, Panorama, Lipstick

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
P-40 Z-40   637 Othello AFS, WA FPS-3/-20; FPS-5; FPS-7C; FPS-6; FPS-6A FPS-7C; FPS-6A; FPS-26A Jan-52 31-Mar-75 BUIC-III. Site was located at top of Saddle Mountain, south of town of Othello. FPS-7C later became FPS-107. BUIC I ops ended 1 Mar 66. GATR Site was located at Larson AFB.
P-40A       Kittitas, WA         Gap-Filler Annex. Possibly was cancelled prior to construction (?).
P-40B Z-40B     Wenatchee, WA FPS-18   Apr-64 Dec-67 Gap-Filler Annex. Building is still extant. Placed in standby status on 1 Apr 1965 for two years. Located on Badger Mountain.
P-60D / P-40C Z-40C     Okanogan, WA FPS-18   Dec-60 * Dec-67 Gap-Filler Annex. * Activated and tied into the SAGE network 15 June 1965. Site located atop Starvation Mtn. Ownership transferred from Colville AFS, WA (P-60), to Othello AFS, WA (P-40) when Colville AFS closed on/about 01 Nov 60.

Current Use: Closed.

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