Information for Mount Hebo AFS, OR

Latitude: 45-12-57 N, Longitude: 123-45-28 W

Call Sign(s): Creature

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
M-100 Z-100   689; Det. 2, 14 MWS Mount Hebo AFS, OR FPS-4; MPS-11; GPS-3; FPS-24; FPS-6,-6B/-90; FPS-26A (FSS-7) FPS-27; FPS-90; (FSS-7) 1957 01-May-79 This site had one of only two AN/FPS-24's covered with a radome (first one burned, then replaced; next one blew off in storm, 1968). FPS-26A modified to FSS-7 radar. GATR retained until JSS switchover. Site now restored to natural state.
M-100A Z-100A     Washougal, WA FPS-18   Jun-60 Feb-64 Gap-Filler Annex. (ADC records state deactivation was Dec 60; maybe standby-status date?)
M-100B       Philomath, OR FPS-18   Jun-60 early 1961 Gap-Filler Annex. Located on Marys Peak. (Marys Peak is the highest point in the Coast Range Mountains at 4097 feet.). Reportedly, never achieved operational status; site was deactivated after an ice storm toppled the antenna sail.

Current Use: Site demolished; has been restored to its natural state. Former family-housing area is now a horse trailer parking area.

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