Information for Guthrie AFS, WV

Latitude: 38-26-33 N, Longitude: 081-40-51.5 W

Call Sign(s): Pay Check

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
P-43 Z-43   783 Guthrie AFS, WV FPS-3; FPS-20/-67; FPS-4; FPS-6 (2) FPS-67; FPS-6 Jun-52 18-Jun-68 Site is located just north of Charleston, WV.
P-43A Z-43A     Bainbridge, OH FPS-18   Apr-63 Dec-67 Gap-Filler Annex.
P-43B       Hellier, KY         Gap-Filler Annex. Location has been confirmed. Building is no longer extant. Modern-day microwave repeater occupies the site.
P-43D       Danville, OH **         ** Gap-Filler Annex. In original ADC plans, but never was built.
P-43E / P-62B / RP-62B Z-62B     Lewisville, OH FPS-14   Aug-57 Jun-63 Gap-Filler Annex.
P-82B / P-43C       Owingsville, KY         Gap-Filler Annex. Planned / not-built. To have replaced Owingsville AFS (M-131) at the same radar-site location.

Current Use: Guthrie Agricultural Center (radar towers removed).

Some photos and documents may be marked with varying degrees of classification, up to SECRET. Data so marked is the way it was delivered from official USAF sources, and have been completely declassified. To the best of our knowledge, no currently classified data is stored on this site.
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