Information for Empire AFS, MI

Latitude: 44-48-07 N, Longitude: 086-03-05 W

Call Sign(s): Redman; Falcon; Freak Show

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
P-34 Z-34 J-58 752 Empire AFS, MI CPS-6; FPS-7; FPS-6 (2); FPS-26A FPS-7; FPS-26A. ARSR-3; FPS-116 (JSS). late 1951 JSS ARSR-4 site now Became a USAF-FAA joint-use site in 1964.
P-34A Z-34A     Petoskey, MI FPS-14   Nov-57 Jun-68 Gap-Filler Annex. Building is still extant.
P-34B       Grayling, MI ** (FPS-14 planned)       ** Gap-Filler Annex. In early ADC plans, but never was built. Actual location is speculative.
P-34C       Manistee, MI ** (FPS-14 planned)       ** Gap-Filler Annex. In early ADC plans, but never was built.
P-34E Z-34E     Alpena, MI FPS-18   Jun-60 Jun-68 Gap-Filler Annex. Replaced LRR site, M-105. GFA was next to the civil airport, a mile or so south of the LRR site.
P-34F       Roscommon, MI **         Gap-Filler Annex. ** In early 1960s ADC plans, but never was built. FUDS report exists, though, suggesting that land might have been procured.
P-67C / P-34G Z-67C / Z-34G     Saugatuck, MI FPS-14 FPS-18 Jul-58 Jun-68 Gap-Filler Annex. Both building and radar tower are still extant. Radome (with sail inside) left in place. Located atop Mount Baldhead sand dune.
P-67D / P-34B Z-34B     Shelby, MI FPS-18   Aug-59 Jun-68 Gap-Filler Annex. Neither the building or the radar tower are extant now.

Current Use: Active JSS site.

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