Information for Custer AFS, MI

Latitude: 42-20-32.1 N, Longitude: 085-16-49.4 W

Call Sign(s): Drawing

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
P-67 Z-67   781 Custer AFS, MI FPS-3/-20/-66; CPS-4; FPS-4; FPS-6; FPS-6A FPS-66; FPS-6; FPS-6A; FPS-26A; (FPS-27 planned/canx.) Apr-52 25-Jun-65 Site located just north of Fort Custer, on ''Fort Custer Hill.'' Cantonment and housing areas shared with HQ Detroit ADS (Fort Custer, SAGE DC-6).
P-67A / P-20G Z-67A / Z-20G     Midland, MI FPS-14   Nov-57 Dec-67 Gap-Filler Annex. Building is still extant.
P-67B / P-73J Z-67B / Z-73J     Richland Center, IN FPS-18   Feb-60 Jun-68 Gap-Filler Annex. Located atop ''Mount Nebo.'' The FUDS report lists the site as Z-73J, meaning this GFA was transferred to Bellefontaine AFS, OH (Z-73) when Custer AFS, MI (Z-67) closed in June 1965. Building is still extant.
P-67C / P-34G Z-67C / Z-34G     Saugatuck, MI FPS-14 FPS-18 Jul-58 Jun-68 Gap-Filler Annex. Both building and radar tower are still extant. Radome (with sail inside) left in place. Located atop Mount Baldhead sand dune.
P-67D / P-34B Z-34B     Shelby, MI FPS-18   Aug-59 Jun-68 Gap-Filler Annex. Neither the building or the radar tower are extant now.
P-67E       Goshen, IN ** (FPS-18 planned)       Gap-Filler Annex. ** In early ADC plans, but never was built.
P-67F       Adamsville, MI ** FPS-36 (Army)       ** Gap-Filler Annex. In original ADC plans, but never was built. Was to have been collocated with Army Nike radar site CM-30R. Exact location provided by the USACE. Radar type presumed, based on similar sites. Location is atop dome near center of Calvin impact crater.

Current Use: Radar site demolished; commercial warehouses now occupy the site.

Some photos and documents may be marked with varying degrees of classification, up to SECRET. Data so marked is the way it was delivered from official USAF sources, and have been completely declassified. To the best of our knowledge, no currently classified data is stored on this site.
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