Information for Cherry Point MCAS, NC

Latitude: 34-54-10 N, Longitude: 076-53-10 W

Call Sign(s): Algiers

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
M-116 Z-116   614 Cherry Point MCAS, NC FPS-8 (USAF); FPS-8 (USMC); FPS-6 (USAF)   1958 01-Aug-63 Radar site was located adjacent to Base Flight Ops. USAF AN/FPS-8 damaged by Hurricane 'Donna' in 1960. GATR site R-16 (Newport, NC) retained until JSS switchover, circa 1983. (AC&W Site M-116 was originally slated to be at Engelhard, NC, which ended up becoming a gap-filler radar site.)
M-116A, P-56C, M-117B Z-56C / Z-117B     Elizabeth City, NC FPS-14   Sep-57 Apr-68 * Gap-Filler Annex. Originally was to be M-116A. Alongside Body Road (SR 1139) on its west side, south-southwest of town, on the east side of the original Elizabeth City Municipal Airport. * ADC records list the closing date as on/after ''Dec-67''; one veteran's recollections say ''Apr-68.''
M-116B / M-117D Z-116B / Z-117D     Engelhard, NC FPS-14 FPS-18 Feb-59 Apr-68 Gap-Filler Annex. Reassigned to Roanoke Rapids AFS (Z-117) after Cherry Point AFS (Z-116) closed 1 Aug 1963. Alongside Radar Road (SR 1105), south of town. FPS-18 radar was relocated to the Goldstone Deep Space Comm. Complex for use as a range-safety radar (1976). (This gap-filler radar site was originally planned to be long-range AC&W radar station M-116, built instead at MCAS Cherry Point, NC.)
M-116C / M-115C Z-115C     Holly Ridge, NC FPS-14   Feb-59 Jun-68 Gap-Filler Annex. Building is no longer extant. Changed from M-116C to M-115C in 1963 when 614th AC&W Sq. at Cherry Point MCAS (M-116) deactivated. Site located 0.3 mile NW of US 17, ~ 1 mile north of town, on the grounds of former Camp Davis (a WWII coastal defense installation).

Current Use: MCAS Cherry Point itself is still active; two radar towers still stand, but are not used. GATR site is used by the Carteret County (NC) fire department as a training site. A commercial radio transmitter tower is also located at the GATR site.

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