Information for Beaverbank AS, NS, CN

Latitude: 44-54-49 N, Longitude: 063-43-33 W

Call Sign(s): Redtape

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
C-11 C-11   22 RCAF Beaverbank AS, NS, CN   CPS-6B, FPS-502, FPS-3, FPS-508; CPS-6B, TPS-502, FPS-26 Fall 1954 1 April 1964 Closed due to realignment of NORAD. USAF financed.
  C-11A   22 New Yarmouth, NS, CN         Planned Gap-Filler Annex; not built. Relocated to Bridgetown, NS. The planned site was the New Yarmouth fire lookout tower site. The tower was to have been a combined radar tower and fire lookout cab.
  C-11C   22 Springton, PE, CN         Planned Gap-Filler Annex on Prince Edward Island; not built.
CG22 C-11F   22 Bridgetown, NS, CN         Planned Gap-Filler Annex. Built; never operational. Relocated from New Yarmouth, NS. The radar tower was sold to the Dept. of Lands & Forests, Province of Nova Scotia, in 1964. [Location is somewhat speculative.]
CG30 C-11D   22 Summerville Centre, NS, CN         Planned Gap-Filler Annex. Not built; never operational. Relocated from Alder River, NS.
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