Recent Photos of Streator DEW Line Training Center, IL

YouTube video contributed by mike AT

June 2010 photos by Gene McManus, Radomes staff

We were returning from a radar museum site evaluation at Osceola, WI and decided that the Streator site was not out of our way that much, and deserved a stop. Our purpose was to have a look at the tropo antenna and tower as a potential display that could be moved to what eventually becomes our museum site. The Streator site is essentially intact, and in my opinion, unique in the world. It is the only DEW Line site below the Arctic Circle, and the only one that you can drive to.

We've begun some discussions about the possibility of restoring it in situ. It is in the middle of nowhere (well, a nice cornfield - corn shoulder height), and visitors would be few. But I'm coming to believe that it's worth saving.

The training quonset hut. Now used for storage. The rooster visited with us as we walked around the perimeter fence. Looking about Northwest. This photo and the two following were taken before I got smart enough to stick the camera lens thru the fence.

Radar tower, looking North

One of the quarters buildings. The tropo antenna we came to see is in the background. Looking approx North.

This is what we came to see. The tower and antenna are in pristine condition, after weathering all these years. Looking North.

Another view of the tropo tower, with the fence in the way. Looking North.

Another view of the tropo tower, looking approx Southwest.

A good look up the tower from the ground.

A huge wrench lying beneath the tropo tower. Used for adjusting the beam of the antenna by turning large nuts.

The radar tower & access "tunnel". Looking approx West.

Another view of one of the quarters buildings.

The radar tower viewed to the Southwest.

Want to build a street rod? Here's some nice sheet metal - late 30s Chevy pickup body.

May, 2002 photos contributed by Tim Tyler

contributed by Andrew Jankowski