No images of the main BOMARC Missile complex are yet available, but this south-looking (only) image of the GAT site now appears. As seen, the GAT building and both transmitter antenna towers are still in place (at least they were at the time of the photo).

Looking South

April 2001 photos and notes contributed by Tom Page from the "New" Tour, 2001

The BOMARC annex is well to the east of the main base, just east of NJ Rte 539, southeast of New Egypt, NJ.

Entrance to the former missile annex, outer area. The entrance to the launcher area is seen at the end of the road in the distance. The entire complex is abandoned, reportedly due to an accidental fire in one of the missile shelters. [Looking north-northwest]

The former assembly building (looking north). The sign for the “46th ADMS” — minus a few letters — is seen in the grass near the photo center.

The assembly area, as seen from the fence surrounding the launcher area. [Looking east-southeast]

Additional buildings in the outer complex, as seen from the fence surrounding the launcher area. [Looking south]

Entrance to the former missile launcher area (looking north-northwest).

The former BOMARC missile launcher area, viewed from outside the inner fence (looking north-northeast).

Launch shelters, for “A” model missiles (looking north-northwest).

More launch shelters, for “B” model missiles (looking east-northeast).

Missile-launch erector, for “B” model missiles.

Missile-launch erector, for “A” model missiles.

Fenced-off area within the missile-launcher area — this additional fence with rolls of razor wire inside surrounds the area where the accidental fire occurred. The next-to-last shelter on the right was Building #204, the one that experienced the fire. When viewed from the other side, it was observed that part of the shelter's roof appeared to be missing. [Looking west-southwest]

Electrical distribution unit with electrical breakers, some still intact.