Recent Photos of Almaden AFS, CA

AN/FPS-24 tower, 2013 photo by Tom Page

GATR Site - 2013 photo by Tom Page

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FPS-20 foundation

FPS-20 foundation

FPS-24 tower, background; MPS-14 tower foreground

Power plant

Housing unit

Main site from GATR site

GATR building

GATR building

Inside the GATR building



This photo was made from the top of the AN/FPS-24 radar tower, looking north. The Radar Operations building is in the photo's center, with the Power Plant off to the left, the foundations of the AN/FPS-90 height-finder radar tower in the foreground, the foundations of the AN/FPS-20 search radar tower just beyond the Ops building, and the foundations of the AN/MPS-14 height-finder radar tower just to the right (that tower was moved to the other side of the AN/FPS-24 tower, and still stands today). The GATR site is on the mountaintop in the distance.

Some fine nighttime photos

Photos copyright Jonathan Haeber, 2005


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Dedication of the Bay Area Ridge Trail and Jacques Ridge Staging Area in Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve, 10/25/03.

The photographer states, "If you see the Umunhum tower from this angle, might I be so bold as to suggest you are having a pretty good mountain biking day. This shot is on the Woods Trail in Sierra Azul, a little ways down from the peak of El Sambroso. [May 8, 2004]."

The Operations building can be seen, off to the far left

Dec 2004 photos contributed by Tim Tyler

Some artwork inside the FPS-24 Building's elevator.

Almaden AFS alumni Jerry Hess, standing next to the station's flagpole with the former Admin Building behind him (Commander's office was the one on the left, with the big window).

360 degree panoramic photo

On the far left, the top of the old AN/FPS-24 radar tower and the power plant are seen (through the steel tower in the foreground). To the right is seen the cantonment area. A modern-day weather radar tower with radome is seen on the ridge. Near the far right of the panorama, the GATR site is seen on the next mountain to the north.

From the web site

From the web site

The following photos contributed by Greg Call

Here are the recent photos (1998) )of the former Almaden AFS (atop Mt. Umunhum). Thanks go to Mr. Tom Randall (ranger) for escorting me to the top, and allowing me to take these pictures. [Except as noted, all photos were taken on Sunday, 8 Nov 98.] Mr. Randall informed me that the earthquake damage shown in pictures #8 and #9 resulted from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. He also informed me that the locals refer to the old AN/FPS-24 tower as "The Monolith." It's a landmark around there, and can be seen for miles.

View from local community
Another view from below
Up the tower access road

Evidence of Earthquake Damage
GATR site
Housing area
MPS-14 tower
Operations building
View from the mountain as seen from the base of the former AN/FPS-90 height-finder radar tower

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