Recent Photos of Valley City GFA, ND

2003 photos contributed by Vince Godon

Vince writes:
I drove from Fargo to Valley City, and the radar site is located on the western edge of the Sheyenne River Valley bluffs. I took the last exit in Valley City from I-94, where the southbound road actually goes under the interstate. Driving southward, you are on an old blacktop road. Having some experience in travelling to these old sites, I wondered if this road was built for access to the Valley City GFA. The road goes almost the whole way to the GFA turnoff, and looks to be about that old.

The gate to go up to the Valley City GFA was open. So I was able to drive up to the site. The gravel road is in decent shape, and it appears the top of this hill is still used by several other telecommunications towers. One is just west of the GFA and another is just to the east. The perimeter security fence is gone and the site looks to be used for junk. There are several junked cars and other things laying around the site. On the south side of the main building, there was a old danger sign (it is barely visible on the attached photo). Yet it is clear it is an old radiation hazard symbol. That was the highlight for me. You can see the 3 concrete footings where the radar tower once stood. The Valley City area is famous for its bridges and its bluffs in the Sheyenne River Valley. The view is outstanding from the site, and I`ll bet must have been something from the radar tower!