Recent Photos of Shafter GFA, CA

Summer 2009 photos from Scott Murdock`s web site

July 2003 photos contributed by Tom Page

The Shafter Gap-Filler Radar Annex was located on the west side of Minter Field, east of the city of Shafter. Minter Field had earlier been home to Lashup Radar Site L-39. Plans to build a manned SAGE-era long-range radar station at Minter Field (to have been called "Shafter AFS," SM-161) were subsequently cancelled, and a remote GATR radio facility and this unmanned Gap-Filler Radar Annex were built there instead. Both were remote operating locations of the 750th Radar Squadron at Boron AFS, CA (Z-59). The gap-filler radar site was located roughly mile southeast of the R-10 GATR site.

This first view shows the former gap-filler annex in the distance as viewed from the R-10 GATR site. Minter Field is in the distance to the left of the GFA site. [looking southeast]

This view of the old gap-filler annex show the diesel-generator wing on the left (north) and the radar-equipment section on the right (west). The building is now used for storage. [looking southeast]

This view shows the "front" of the GFA building, with the diesel-generator wing on the right (north) and the radar-equipment section on the left (west). [looking northwest]

This final view shows the end of the building where the radar tower once stood. The two tower foundations/footings closest to the building are now mostly covered up by dirt, while the third tower foundation/footing has been removed altogether. That foundation/footing appears in a 1989 photo taken by M. Morgan. [looking east-northeast]

May, 1989 photos contributed by Mark Morgan