Recent Photos of Quinn River Crossing GFA, NV

Oct 2002 photos contributed by Tom Page

The former Quinn River Crossing, NV, Gap-Filler Annex is located right off State Road 140 on its north side. The building is still extant, now covered with graffiti. The three radar-tower foundations / footings are likewise still extant. The diesel-generator section had pads for up to four generators.

This photo shows the former GFA facility from a point to the west as seen from eastbound SR 140. [looking east-southeast]

This photo shows the former GFA building. The radar-equipment section is on the right, and the diesel-generator wing is on the left. Pads were included for up to four diesel generators. A half moon is seen above the building. [looking east]

This photo shows the radar-tower end of the former GFA building. The three radar-tower foundations are seen to the right of the building. SR 140 is seen in the distance on the far right. The Quinn River lies just in front of the highway. [looking east]

This photo shows a close-up of one of the three radar-tower foundations.

This photo shows the south and east sides of the GFA building, with the radar-tower foundations to the left. [looking north]

This photo shows the east and north sides of the GFA building. The radar tower stood to the far left, and the diesel-generator wing extends to the right. [looking west]

This final photo shows the west end of the diesel-generator wing. [looking southeast]