Recent Photos of Ozona AFS, TX

Site - Looking North

Main site - Looking North

Main site - Looking North

Site - Looking South

Site - Looking East

Main site - Looking South

Main site - Looking West

Main site - Looking West

Housing area - Looking North

Housing area - Looking South

Housing area - Looking West

April 2015 photos submitted by Sam Duncan






May 2001 photos and notes contributed by Tom Page

The access road leading to the site from the main road (now I-10). [looking north]

The LRR Operations building. [looking southwest]

Another view of the LRR Operations building. That`s a sheep just inside the fence. [looking west]

The Rec Hall building. [looking northeast]

Dining Hall and one barracks. [looking north]

Other barracks, on east side of site. [looking north]

GATR site, at the northwest corner of the station. [looking northwest]

The entrance to the site Housing Area. [looking east-southeast]

Contributed by James Timmons