Recent Photos of Orla GFA, TX

March, 2002 photos by Tom Page

A view of the Orla Gap-Filler Annex as seen from the access road (where the road was chained) through a 300-mm telephoto lens. [looking east-southeast]

A view of the old GFA facility from Texas Farm Road 1108, again through a 300-mm telephoto lens. The diesel-generator wing can be seen protruding to the left (east). Just further to the east is what appears to be the original fuel tank. [looking south-southeast]

Another view of the former Orla GFA facility from Texas FR 1108, again through a 300-mm telephoto lens, but from a point further east. [looking due south]

One more view of the former gap-filler radar site through a 300-mm telephoto lens, from still further east on FR 1108. This shot gives a better viewof the diesel-generator wing on the east side of the old radar building. [looking south-southwest]

This view is essentially the same as the view in photo #4, but using a 55-mm "normal" lens instead of the telephoto lens. As one can plainly see, without the use ofthe telephoto lens, very little detail about the GFA facility would havebeen discernible from the road. [looking southwest]

This final picture was made back at the access road at the point it meets FR 1108, and is (obviously) a composite of two photos (through the 55-mm "normal lens). This view shows the relationship of the GFA site to the access road. The chain blocking the road is not seen is this view; it is opposite the first hill seen on the right. [looking south-southeast]