Recent Photos of Middle River GFA, MN

2002 Photos contributed by Vince Godon

Vince writes:
I followed the directions listed on the web site to get to the Middle River, MN GFA. The directions worked great, although the roads in this portion of northwest MN are few and far between. I have now visited 5 GFA`s across the ND/MN area, and the Middle River GFA is by far in the best shape and is most similar to original condition.

This site still contains most of the original big pieces. Of course, the most visible is the radar tower, which looms big as you approach. I am not sure if the main building is all original or if it was expanded onto after it was sold to the private party. [Ed. note: the double garage doors in the front of the building are additions]. The entire fence still stands around the property, and there is a "keep out" sign at the front gate. (By coincidence, the keep out sign bears the name of an insurance company who apparently insures the property...and it is the same company I use).

Inside the property is a graveyard of farm equipment. It appears the property is taken very well care of. In the back of the property is a small "guard" type shack. I am not sure if this was part of the original site or not. This is the only thing of its type I have seen in my treks to other GFA`s. Although tempted, I did not climb the tower. I would bet the view from the top would be pretty amazing.