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McChord AFB, WA

Looking North

Looking East

Looking South

Looking West

GATR Tx - Looking East

GATR Tx - Looking South

GATR Rx - Looking East

GATR Rx - Looking South

January 2002 photos by Mark Morgan

July 2001 photos and notes by Tom Page

A view of the SAGE DC blockhouse (left) and the SAGE CC blockhouse (now JSS Sector Operations Control Center, SOCC) (right). [looking southeast]

Another view of the SAGE CC blockhouse, still in use housing the Western Air Defense Sector (WADS) headquarters and SOCC. [looking ~ south]

The rear of the SAGE complex, showing the old diesel power-production building. [looking west-northwest]

Static display located at the northwest corner of the SAGE / WADS complex. As stated on the plaque (see next photo), this was the antenna assembly for the AN/FPS-26A height-finder radar once operated at Makah AFS, WA.

Self-explanatory. [I believe the site number should actually say "Z-44," as the AN/FPS-26A was retired at the close of the SAGE era, before Makah AFS was redesignated as "J-80" for the JSS program.]

Contributed by Jim Ray

SAGE Direction Center was in 4-story bldg; Control Center in 3-story bldg.

Old SAGE Control Center building.
Note AN/FPS-26 antenna on display at right

1997 Photo by:Ray Bergen, Radomes Staff

1997 Photo by:Dick Constable