Recent Photos of Marquand, MO GFA

Looking North

Looking North

Looking East

Looking South

2012 image looking South

Looking West

April, 2004 photos contributed by Blake Bowers

Blake writes:
The roof has caved in on the main room, there is an old VHF fiberglass antenna in pieces of the main room. Judging from the frequency band, I would say it is from the FBI station that used to be there. Vandals have knocked a hole in the wall between the two rooms.

There is the concrete foundations pilings from the tower, and a flat concrete slab about 40 feet from that. It could be from the EPA hut.

Some of the perimeter fencing is still in place, although it is very hard to see in the pictures.

The road leading to the site is "alligator"... so smooth an alligator could go up it. (If you found an alligator in Missouri)

I could see no power poles.