Recent Photos of the London, KY Gap-Filler Annex

15 October 2019 photos by Tom Page 

The London, KY, Gap-Filler Annex location remains somewhat speculative, but all evidence for this being the correct site appears to be consistent with expectations.  As previously noted, this location is on the highest elevation in the county.  USGS aerial imagery from 1960, while low in resolution, does show the facility to be in existence at that time.  The size and the shape of the L-shaped building and the fenced-in compund are the same as most other gap-filler radar sites.  The chainlink fence looks to be the right age, given its rust and state of repair.  Finally, the site is owned by the U.S. Government (looks to be the FAA) for use as a remote communication facility.  

Now, there were no radar-tower foundations visible, but other GF sites have had those removed.  Also, the aluminum or vinyl siding on the building hides the possible cinderblock construction underneath.  

All things considered, this appears to be the correct location for the former London GFA.  Though constructed, it was reportedly never active.  



Gate at the beginning of the access road (looking north)



North-facing side of the building (if this is indeed the former gap-filler facility in the typical layout, then the diesel-generator section would have been on the right, and the radar-equipment section would have been on the left) 



West-facing side of the building (believed to have been the diesel-generator section) (looking east) 



The west-facing sides showing inside the "L" -- the radar tower would have stood just to the right of the building (looking east-northeast)