Recent Photos of Highlands AFS, NJ

Radar site looking North

Radar site looking East

Radar site looking South

Cantonment looking South

Cantonment looking West

Summer 1998 photos and notes by Tom Page


This photo is of the hilltop site where the Highland AFS, NJ (Z-9), radar towers used to sit -- not much to see now. Foundations of at least 3, maybe 4, towers are still faintly visible at ground level. The entire site appears to have been cleared away, and is now part of a city park.

Also down the hill, more to the northeast, on a small plateau are the two lighthouses known as "Twin Lights." Visitors can go up the northmost tower, where one gets a great view of Sandy Hook and the Atlantic Ocean. I imagine that the view from the Highland AFS radar towers must have been about the same. It was too hazy to see New York City that day.  Photo courtesy of Tom Page.  

This view of Highlands was taken from in front of the lighthouse looking northeast toward Sandy Hook and New York City (not visible).  Photo courtesy of Tom Page.  

Just down the hill to the southeast are the remains of former US Army WW-II-era gun batteries, which were placed to help protect the entrance to New York City harbor. The Highlands Army Air Defense Base was situated near the gun battery pictured; the gun batteries themselves are World-War II vintage. The USAF radar site was on the hilltop behind the gun battery (not visible in photo).  Photo courtesy of Tom Page.  

The Highlands Army Air Defense Command Post (AADCP) operated the Missile Master fire distribution facility.

circa 1990 photo source: 

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Shown is the former AN/FPS-7C search radar tower at the former Highlands AFS, NJ (Z-9), circa 1990. The building to the right is the Air Force LRR Operations building. The view is about due west. It's too bad this photographer didn't take more photos of the site (or post more, if he did) -- much this site was razed just a few years later, and all of it by the end of the decade (I believe).



Shown is an aerial view of the former radar station in 1985.  




Shown is the former AN/FPS-7C search radar tower in 1983. 



Shown here is the former WW-II gun battery in the cantonment area in 1998.  Photo courtesy of Tom Page.