Recent Photos of Flaxman Island, AK (POW-3)

Photo source:

1998 photo from the web site

1997 photos contributed by Pat Cross

Originally, the station was known as the Flaxman Island DEW Site (POW-3). Now it is known as the Bullen Point Short-Range Radar Site (SRRS) (A-20). The old tower housed an AN/FPS-19 radar. Another radar, AN/FPS-23, was used there (alongwith the AN/FPS-19) until July 1963. Today`s radar is an AN/FPS-124.

The AN/FPS-19 radar tower of the old site. The original generator building is seen on the left (with generators still inside) ; [looking east]

The AN/FPS-19 radar tower of the old site. The red buildings are for contractors, to be removed when the job is complete. [looking southwest]

The old site as seen from the AN/FPS-19 radar tower. [looking north, toward Bullen Point]

New Site:

The AN/FPS-124 radar tower of the new site. On the right is the north wall of the gym. [looking east]

The following contributed by Pat Cross

circa 1992-93

circa 1992-93