Recent Photos of Duncanville AFS, TX

Looking North

Looking East

Looking South

Looking West

Looks like this former manual Ground/Air/Ground Radio Transmitter or Receiver building (not sure which, but I`m guessing the Receiver, as previously indicated) for Duncanville AFS might be used for restrooms now for local ball fields. This building stands near the SE corner of the former AF Station.

Looking Northeast

Looking West

July 2000 photos by Scott Murdock

A few shots of D`ville AFS taken July 2000... the Nike monument next to the new library building, and the former location of the housing units (which were unassed from the ground and hauled away earlier this year). The monument was a nice idea, but the siting is a bit awkward. It`s tough to read the inscription without climbing through the landscaping to get close.

October, 1997 photos contributed by Scott Murdock

contributed by James Timmons

James writes: The city has turned the [former Duncanville AFS] into a park. Just west of the swimming pool are a line of family quarters which seems to be all that remains. These houses are unoccupied.