Recent Photos of Boulder City GFA, NV

Looking South

Looking West

the present-day VORTAC facility (upper right) sits where the old gap-filler radar installation once was.

A view of the town of Boulder City from the radar site

October 2002 photos & notes by Tom Page; updated September 2003

This location atop Red Mountain looked to be a likely spot for the former Boulder City (Nevada) gap-filler radar annex (SM-163A / Z-163A). While this on-site visit itself revealed nothing conclusive, subsequent communication with the local historian verified that this was indeed the correct location. Incidentally, we have now learned that the locals call the mountain "Radar Mountain."

This photo shows the present-day VORTAC navaid and microwave facility located on top of Red Mountain just northwest of Boulder City, NV, above Bootleg Canyon. I searched diligently for tell-tale signs, such as any radar-tower foundations, but I observed nothing definite. We later learned that this was the correct location. [looking northeast]

This photo shows the present-day VORTAC building up close. If this building was once the gap-filler facility, it has been greatly altered (e.g., roof raised). It is possible that the original GFA building was torn down, and this building was built on the same spot. [looking east]

This photo likewise shows the present-day VORTAC building. If this was once the GFA building, this side looks as if it would have been the diesel-generator wing. [looking west]

This photo is a close-up showing the sign on the door.