Recent Photos of Benton AFS, PA

Site - looking North

Site - looking North

Site - looking South

Radar - 2010 image looking North

Radar - looking North

Radar - looking North

Radar - 2010 image looking East

Radar - looking South

Radar - 2010 image looking West

Radar - 2010 image looking West

Cantonment - looking North

GATR site - 2010 image looking North

GATR site - looking North

Housing - 2010 image looking North

Housing - 2010 image looking East

Housing - looking South

Housing - 2010 image looking West

February 2004 photos contributed by: SSgt Mark Morgan,WADS Historian/Radomes Staff

The FPS-35 tower - now topped by an FPS-67B - on the left with the height-finder tower on the right.
That latter tower is ID`d as Bldg 42 housing the center director, finance, purchasing and records.
(Light streaks with a digital camera, what a concept)

There are two towers to the right/east of the FPS-35, this was the one further from the -35.
A hand-painted sign on one of the doors indicates "brick shop storage."

The former FPS-26 tower, apparently abandoned.

Eastern face of the operations building, Bldg. 13, now used as the academic instruction building.

FPS-35 tower, up close and personal.

Looking west towards the main compound past the ops building.

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Text from the RRJCC web site:
"Red Rock Job Corps Center is located in rural Sullivan County adjacent to Ricketts Glen State Park on top of a 2,700 foot Red Rock Mountain. The center is surrounded by thousands of acres of state park and game land."

Contact info:
Red Rock Job Corps Center
P.O. Box 218
Highway 487 North
Lopez, PA 18628

Phone (570) 477-9221


Summer 2001 photos & captions contributed by Paul Bitler

The station is now used by the Job Corps as a CETA Facility.

Left side of site entrance, with sign and old radio shop in background.

Right side of entrance.

Gate shack, currently used as a gate shack.

View from gate shack of cantonment area.

Old orderly room.

Housing area, still in use for housing.

Old vehicle maintenance, currently used as vehicle training facility.

Old barracks, currently used as a dormitory.

Back of old dining hall, still used as a dining hall.

Old FPS-35 tower. Now used for FAA radar.

Old FPS-26 height finder radar tower.

Old height finder radar tower.

Old radar operations building.

Another barracks building, used today as a dormitory.

Photos taken in 1980 by Tom Page