Recent Photos of Bangor GFA, NY

Looking North

Looking South


July 2015 photos contributed by Dave Larson, 


View of the old Gap-Filler Radar Building and the Radar Tower 

(Note that the radar antenna deck has been modified with new railing since our 2004 visit; also, the stairs have since been replaced by a ladder.) 


View of the old Gap-Filler Radar Building 


Another view of the old Gap-Filler Radar Building 


Doorway for the Gap-Filler Building 


Diesel-Fuel Distribution System 


Above-Ground Diesel Fuel Tank 


Interior of the radar-equipment room.  The circular openings in the far wall were for the radar waveguide and the antenna-control lines 


Believed to be the diesel-fuel pump or heater


Ventilation Fan 

August 2004 photos contributed by Tom Page

On Sunday, 22 August 2004, MSgt Bob Spiers (NEADS/HO), Bernie Radigan, my daughter Jennifer, and I visited the former Bangor Gap-Filler Annex in upstate New York. This one was quite easy to find.

The access road was unpaved and grass-covered; it appeared to be used only infrequently. A locked gate blocked the lower end, but it was only a short walk to the hill top.

The building was observed to be still in fairly good condition, and apparently is in use as a modern-day radio facility. The radar tower is still standing, and supports a pair of antennas.

Initial view from the access road. [looking north-northwest]

Closer view from the access road. [looking north-northwest]

Front of the GFA building. The small white shed to the left appears to contain a back-up generator, evidenced by an exhaust outlet on the other side. [looking north]

The radar tower. [looking northwest]

The base of the radar tower. The lower steps have been cut away to deter unauthorized climbing. [looking west]

The top of the radar tower.

The old diesel fuel tank. [looking northwest]

The rear of the GFA building (diesel-generator wing). [looking south-southwest]

The inside of the `L` (diesel-generator wing). [looking southeast]

The inside of the `L` (radar-equipment section). [looking southeast]

The inside of the `L` (composite). [looking southeast]

Tom and daughter, Jenn, halfway up the radar tower (hey, wasn`t the removal of the lower steps supposed to deter unauthorized climbing???).

Tom and Jenn on the tower steps, a good perch for taking pictures.

The roof of the gap-filler radar building (diesel-generator wing), as seen from the tower perch.

The view to the north from halfway up the radar tower. ("Hey, I can see Canada from here!")

Bob Spiers, Bernie Radigan, and Tom Page: "The Three Giblets" (a "Gathering of Turkeys" has already been used, so ....).