Recent Photos of Bainbridge GFA, OH

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Fall 2008 photos contributed by Shawn Coppel

Inside the generator room.

Fuel duct in the generator room. This is the duct that the gen. fuel lines entered the building and went to the generators...

Inside the radar/FST-2 room.

Inside the radar/FST-2 room.

Above the doors, you can see where the exhaust pipes left the building, and a few other spots on the floor still show where control panels and transfer switches were mounted.

Other than the building, *everything* was removed when the site was abandoned. From what i can tell, the entire electric service was removed, and even telecom cabling was dug up. If it could be unbolted and removed, it looked to have been done so.

The two exceptions to this seem to be:

The old Trane furnace:

... and the telephone junction box.

Tower mounting pad.

Tower mounting pad.

Tower mounting pad. A closeup of the 6-bolt anchors. Our radio club re-used this one for support of a 100 foot tower.

Tower mounting pad.

October 2007 photos contributed by Ryan O`Neil

Ryan comments: "...that this place is off of the worst back road in the state of Ohio. I about lost some fillings on this one. "