Recent Photos of Aiken AFS, SC

2012 image looking North

2012 image looking South

February 1999 Photos and notes by Tom Page

Tom writes:
"I decided to drive past the former Aiken AFS, SC, as I`d seen the site in 1979. When I got to the site (which is next to the Aiken Airport), I discovered that the site wasn`t there any more! The entire station had been demolished and cleared away! Only its roads remained. I`m really glad now I drove there in 1979 and took pictures."

The site of the former Aiken AFS, SC. View is looking west-southwest, towards the locations where the radar towers used to be (to the right). The cantonment area was to the left, parallel to the highway (US Route


View is looking east-northeast. The former Aiken AFS site entrance from US Route 1 was ahead and to the righ


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