AC&W Tech Training
Keesler AFB, MS

Personnel in Ground Radar Maintenance (AFSC 303x2) and Ground Radar Operations (AFSC 273x0), as the career fields were known in the later 50s and early 60s, trained at Keesler Air Force Base, MS. (Were there any other AC&W tech training centers?) We`re assembling a little historical information on this as well as the sites upon which we served.

Marching to class, passing in review, about 1960

Am airmans` barracks - 1966 postcard.

"Sets" hangar area at KAFB. AN/FPS-6 in foreground; FPS-20 in background.

Biloxi Beach

Photo taken about 1972

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Photos below and two site maps of the Keesler AFB Training Annex #1 contributed by Scott Murdock. The land was acquired in 1952, and construction completed about 1956. The site had an AN/CPS-6B Radar, also an AN/CPN-4 "Nav Aid" [height finder??]

Note the housing to the north and east -- part of this same installation. Although officially Keesler Tng Anx #1, installation code MAYA, it is commonly called Thrower Park Housing (and that`s what the sign says).

Photos below of the Keesler AFB Training Annex #1 contributed by Roger Jackson.


AN/FPS-26 Tower & Radome in background. Note cable runs to main building.

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