NORAD Back-Up Intercept Control (BUIC) Sites


Source: ADTAC Ground Systems Digest, 1st Edition, 2 Sep 1981, page 4. [Paraphrased to change present and future verb tenses all to past tense.]


The 416M (BUIC) system was initiated with the installation of the first AN/GSA-51 (BUIC II) computer in 1964. The AN/GSA-51 was modified, starting in 1968, into the AN/GYK-19 (BUIC III). The number of BUIC computer systems peaked out at 22, each computer being located at a radar site. [Editor`s Note: The first operational BUIC-II computer was at North Truro AFS, MA (Z-10), and the first operational BUIC-III computer was at Fort Fisher AFS, NC (Z-115).]

The last remaining BUIC III computer systems were at the Tyndall NORAD Control Center (TNCC) at Tyndall AFB FL and the 21st Radar Squadron, St. Margaret`s, New Brunswick, Canada.

The operational system at the TNCC ceased operations when the SE ROCC became operational [in 1983].

The Canadian BUIC III ceased operations when the Canadian East ROCC became operational.

From the 25th AD "Skywatch", January 1974

Contributed by Western Air Defense Sector (WADS) Historical Office

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