Findings Of Fact on Valley City GFA Z-29C based on information taken from FUDS (Formerly Used Defense Site) Report B08ND0402 dated Aug 1994

Site Name

Valley City Gap Filler Annex

Site Location

5 miles southwest of Valley City, Barnes County, ND

Site History and Findings of Fact

DOD acquired 3.3 acres in 1957 and the Air Force constructed an unmanned radar station on 0.57 acres , consisting of a concrete cinder block building and sanitary latrine, power plant, diesel storage tank, storm drainage, access road and security fence. The site was operated by Finley Air Force Station personnel until November 1968, when it was excessed and conveyed by quitclaim to James C. Ebele, a private landowner. A 60KW generator and associated equipment was transferred by the Air Force to Willow Grove Reserve Facility in Pennsylvania.

Current Use of Site at time of FUDS Report

Not provided

Site Maps and Photographs

A Site Survey Summary Sheet, Site Map were mentioned, but not included in the copy of the report provided to the Radar Museum researcher.