Findings of Fact, Site Location, and Information on Unionville Gap Filler Annex M-127B based on information provided by US Army Corps of Engineers Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) J09NV0985 of 1991

Site Location

In Pershing County, just west off Highway 400 southwest of Winnemucca, 42 miles northeast of Lovelock, Nevada

Site History and Findings of Fact

DOD use of the site began on January 9, 1956, when 0.26 acres were acquired from the Department of Interior. Improvements to the site were: one concrete building, radar tower, 5,000 gallon underground storage tank, and a chain link fence. The parent installation to this site was Winnemucca Air Force Station.

The site was deactivated and reported excess by the Air Force in 1961. It was reconveyed to the Department of Interior on August 24 of the same year.

A 1991 site visit report revealed the site was void of any structures or the underground storage tank. Local agencies had no historical record of the site activities, such as underground storage tank removal or building demolition. Lack of vegetation and minor soil disruption marked the former radar tower.
Ed. note: USACE FUDS Report #J09NV0985 is incorrect regarding the current status of the former Unionville gap-filler annex. That is, the cinderblock building and all three radar-tower foundations are still fully extant, as shown in the `Recent Photos` (made on 10-15-2002).

Site Map

Site and Vicinity Location maps are included in the report.