Tin City AFS, AK Staff Meeting Notes

excerpts of several months of original carbon "flimsies" of Tin City staff meeting notes contributed by Bill Galvin


Remote Arctic duty presented a unique set of challenges which are generally unknown to those who`ve never served in that environment. Bill`s staff meeting notes provide an opportunity to see what that duty was like.

8 October, 1958

Emergency tram Cables on the emergency tram have iced up and bent the catwalk around the bubble. The cable has been cut to remove the strain.

10 October, 1958

Emergency tram Lt. Bryant has been advised to do nothing about the emergency tram until spring.

15 October, 1958

Vehicular Traffic Personnel traveling in vehicles should notify motor pool where they are going and expected time of return.

20 October, 1958

Travel from the site Personnel will not leave the site alone and will notify the operator the time of departure, general destination, and probable time of return.

14 November, 1958

Sewage The sewage disposal system at hilltop is inoperative due to freezing of the drain. Until this problem can be solved, the sewage disposal problem is acute. Heating cable has been suggested by Ladd AFB engineers (Major Rayburn). The fill pipe on the water tank at hilltop is also giving trouble, by freezing. The emergency generator has no maintenance chart. Powerhouse personnel will take care of this.

19 November, 1958

Aircraft Ladd AFB has complained about poor ground time at the sites. This is attributed at this site to out of commission vehicles which was due to lack of necessary parts. The site has no antifreeze to go in the gasoline; this has never been ordered. Battery electrolyte has been on order for several months and was expected on one of the aircraft which came in Monday. Ladd has reported that this electrolyte is available and would be shipped to us. The aircrew on the C-54 which came Monday complained that the unloading crew was undermanned and poorly supervised.

24 November, 1958

Thanksgiving Dinner A turkey will be sent to hilltop along with other items that can be prepared beforehand. Every effort will be made to provide a proper dinner for the men on hilltop for this occasion.

26 November, 1958

Phone Call The USO will give one deserving airman a free phone call for Christmas. The names of three men have been submitted to Captain Hofman.

1 December, 1958

Water The well presently overflowing and the snow melter is to be test3ed after modification by Kelly, and his men. Hilltop water has become critical because the tram cannot haul any but a minimum load.

3 December, 1958

Natives There have been instances of natives, hunting on the reservation in a very unsafe manner. No decision was announced by Capt. Hofman of what action would be taken about this matter.

10 December, 1958

Hilltop Sanitation The freezing of the sewage drain pipe at hilltop remains a problem. Heating cable has been procured but installation has not been accomplisheed. Lt. Bryant will attempt its installation when th3e weather is less violent.

9 January, 1959

Accident A weasel overturned on the way to Wales and shook up the occupants. Sgt. McCarter was the worst injured, but is believed to be not seriously hurt.