Rockport AFS, TX History

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The History of [Aransas County, TX] Airport

By resolution dated April 22, 1943 between the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) and Aransas County, through the Commissioners` court, it was agreed to build an airport for military purpose and public use.

     A total of 700 acres of land had been purchased for the airport and on October 21, 1943 the 700 acres was leased to the U.S. Navy for the duration of the national emergency, plus 6 months, for $1 per year.

    The exclusive use of the airport facilities was retained by the Navy until March 9, 1948 when it reverted to the county.

     On December 5, 1955, the County leased the north 214.8 acres to the U.S. Air Force. The 813th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron dedicated this part of the airport, officially known as the Rockport Air Force Station, on May 16, 1959. The facility was especially active during the Cuban Missile Crisis, because Russian supplied missiles were capable of reaching this coast.

     The Radar Station was deactivated in 1965 and the land was returned to the county. This land is now available for use as an Industrial Park.

Note: Actually, the radar site was deactivated in 1963. It probably was returned to the county in 1965.