Findings Of Fact on Orla GFA based on information taken from FUDS (Formerly Used Defense Site) Report K06TX0208 dated Feb 1996

Site Name

Orla Gap Filler Annex

Site Location

45 miles southwest of Carlsbad, NM and 57 miles northeast of Van Horn, Sections 12 & 13, Block 63 of Culbertson County, TX. The site is accessed by a gravel road 0.8 miles off State Route 1108.

Site History and Findings of Fact

DOD acquired a total of 5.73 acres via land lease from two different landowners in 1956. The Air Force constructed and operated an unmanned gap filler radar station until it was declared excess in August 1960. All improvements to the site were disposed of and salvageable contents sold on November 1962, and the site sold to Cowden Brothers Ranch on Nov 1963. The DOD land lease for 5.73 acres was terminated on June 1963 prior to selling it to Cowdon Brothers. The concrete block building, sidewalk, dismanteled radar tower, and the security fence remain on the site.

Current Use of Site at time of FUDS Report

The annex building is used by the current owner for hay storage.

Site Maps and Photographs

A Site Vicinity map is included in the report.