Findings of Fact, Site Location, and Information on Marquand Gap Filler P-70D, based on information provided by US Army Corps of Engineers Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) document B07MO0237 of 1985 & 1991

Site Location

On top of Cottoner Mountain, NW of Marquand, , Madison County, MO. Accessed from the west on Highway `A` near the Mountain View church.

Site History

Site was built in 1959, declared excess and transferred to the US Forest Service, Dept of Agriculture, in June 1961.

Findings of fact

At the time of the 1991 report, the FBI had a special use permit for the radar and fire watch tower for microwave capability, and a small 8 x 10 fiberglass building adjacent to the tower, built originally for the EPA for monitoring air. EPA has relinquished all rights to the Dept of Agriculture. The `cone` or top of the radar tower was removed by the Air Force.

Site Map

A vicinity map is enclosed in the FUDS report.