Fire Island AFS, AK

Contributed by Mike Bennett

This information is taken from Air Force Pamphlet AFP 34-8-6, INFORMATION ON ALASKA FOR AIR FORCE PERSONNEL AND THEIR FAMILIES, dated 26 October 1964.

626th AC&W Squadron, Fire Island. Television has not yet reached the bulk of Alaska`s wilderness, but the men at Fire Island, home of the 626th AC&W Sq., can choose between two stations. Fire Island, in the center of Cook Inlet, is only a 12-mile jump by helicopter from Anchorage, Alaska`s largest city. In addition to the two television stations, Fire Island men can pick up a wide range of local radio entertainment.

The station`s closeness to Anchorage and Elmendorf AFB also brings another advantage - daily mail service. Airmail letters to and from the U.S. normally spend only 8 days enroute.

Recreation facilities include a 90-seat theater, a ski slope with instructors on duty, ice-skating rinks, and an archery range. Special Services has equipment available for these sports as well as boats for use on the island`s lakes during the summer.