Current Status, Feb. 2001

contributed by Richard Konizeski

Current Status of Burns Junction Gap Filler Annex M118A
based on information taken from 1991 Army Corps of Engineers FUDS F10OR16400

Feb 20, 2001

Location: Mahleur County, OR, app 99 miles southeast of the city of Burns, and app 130 miles southwest of Ontario, OR.

Findings of Fact in the report state that available records are incomplete as to the construction and use of any facilities at the site. Also noted is the 18 November 1960 Air Force declaration that the Burns Junction Gap Filler Annex was excess, and the March 1962 quitclaim deed by GSA conveying the 0.38 acre fee and 3.46 acre property easement to McCulloch`s Crop Specialties.

Site History from the report shows that from 1956 to 1957, 5.19 acres of land were acquired by the Air Force for use as a radar site "gap filler" assigned to Burns Air Force Station. Improvements made to the site included three antennas, two buildings, possibly two underground fuel storage tanks, and the access road from US Highway 95 to the site.

In March 1961, the property was declared excess, with easement and land usage permits terminated. The fee land acquired from Malheur County, was sold to a private party in 1962, and the private landowners sold the property back to the government in 1976 for a FAA RCAG facility.

The FUDS Report site visit on 11 July 1991 revealed that the only structures on the site were the FAA RCAG facilities, with no remains of the old USAF radar facility in existence.

We can therefor attest that the Burns Junction GFA is no longer extant.